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Our TIP, TOOL & TRUTH for Photo Organizing.

Did you know that 10 billion pictures are taken every single month? Why? We. Take. Pictures. Of. Everything. The result is photo chaos. Photos accumulate on our phones, in the cloud, on hard drives, or on old computers. And we are still storing precious film photos in...

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Photo Organizing is fun with the ABC’S System

Are your precious photos stashed in boxes & bins in the basement? Do you have thousands of pictures on your phone and computer? Photos can be our most precious possession yet trying to keep them organized can be a nightmare. We are excited to share our best tips and...

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FREE Yourself with the Power of 3!

Write down the 3 MOST IMPORTANT to do’s of your day and let that be enough. FREE is the word we hear the most when we ask our clients to share how they feel after getting organized! Getting free of the clutter and chaos allows you to have what you really want. One of...

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3 Step System for Kids School & Precious Papers

Yes, you can have fun with your kids and their school papers using this 3 STEP SYSTEM! The school year is over and now it is time for summer fun! But what to do with the huge pile up of art, reports, awards and all those papers that came home throughout the year. Here...

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Top Ten Tips for Travel

Travel can be stressful so enjoy our tips that simplify & help you organize all your trips! We have used all the tips & tools below to radically reduce the stress and struggle that travel can bring.  These tips are the SEE IT. MAP IT. & DO IT. steps for travel.  Try...

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Travel Bags & More from The Container Store

Travel Goods - get'm while they're hot! You know that organizers can be obsessed with containers and bags.  But when it comes to travel, having the right containers makes a huge difference.  We just wanted to let you know that JUNE is the annual travel sale at The...

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Simplify the stuff while Traveling!

The FREEDOM of one bag, one book, one purse, one list, one purpose! One is enough. Time to take a trip! Whether it is just you or a group, juggling all the stuff can be overwhelming. Why do we buy into the belief that more is better? When traveling, this outdated idea...

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Travel Tip – There’s an App for that!

Traveling is FUN, but planning & packing can be stressful. Apps can make it easy. From Marla - I love to travel but have always put off the planning and packing till the last minute. Of course this just adds to my stress and my belief that I can't make traveling...

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Tip #8. Dig in the dirt – or plant one pot

Digging in the dirt takes us right back to being a kid. There is nothing else like it. When Spring comes, our hands start itching to go digging in the dirt. For thousands of years spring's arrival meant it was time to till and plant. This primal instinct is wired into...

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Tip #5. Donate in alignment with your values.

Donating your stuff, your time and resources to a cause you care about is FREEING. Why would we fill up our cars with our client's donations? Because letting go of our stuff and deciding where to donate our resources are loaded decisions. We want to make it easier. We...

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Tip #7. Transform Your Clothes Closet

SPRING is here! Time to weed out your cluttered closet and create a happy one! Spring is the best season for clearing out the clothes closet. And yet the project can also feel overwhelming. Enjoy our juicy tips for transforming your closet so you get excited every...

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Tip #6. Time to shop for bright, colorful containers.

Like the bright blossoming flowers, bright containers make us happy. We love the sweetness of Spring, especially bright colors popping up from the earth as the flowers bloom.  Our brains and bodies are drawn to color first, like the bee to the blossom. Color gets our...

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Home Organizing Tips & Tricks for Productivity

Being organized and being productive both require finding what you need when you need it. The following tips will make both of these easier. Our homes can easily fill with clutter and chaos.  Yet, the purpose of our home is peace, support and connection.  We are...

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Top Organizing Tips for Couples

Work together rather than battling each other. Relationships can be our greatest gift and also our greatest challenge. And of all relationships, our intimate partner is the most loaded. Because the Universe is intelligent and likes to balance things out, we often...

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