A Podcast… Be More Organized & Present

A Podcast… Be More Organized & Present

Create Organizing Habits to Reduce Stress

In this episode of Wellness Wisdom Camille Kennard interviews Marla Dee, Professional Organizer at Clear & Simple Organizing. In today’s world we are bombarded with information & stuff! So there is clutter everywhere – on our phones & computers, desktops & countertops, bedrooms & basements, closets & cupboards… We crave being free of the clutter and fantasize about being organized, but it feels impossible. Marla Dee is here to change that. As a professional organizer for 18 years, Marla has seen the pain!

Living in chaos has an impact on our physical, mental, and emotional health, and our outside environment is often a reflection of what’s going on inside our minds and our lives.

Marla believes that as we clear the clutter in our lives we will be happier, alive, and connected. When we let go of the clutter, we FREE ourselves to possibilities and open space for something new to come in.

Marla will share with us Clear and Simple principles that are the foundation of her work including how to see it, map it, and do it. You can create a vision of how you want things to look, feel, and function. She will help us learn how to simplify and set up habits to be more organized and present. The habits piece includes the “keep it up” step in STACKS (sort, toss, assign, contain, keep it up and simplify). Tune into this episode to learn systems that can help you make shifts in how you care for yourself and your environment.

Marla believes that living organized and clutter free is a skill anyone can learn. What is your clutter costing you? Free yourself of clutter and be present in your life to what matters most! Listen to the podcast

Camille is passionate about supporting people in their health and wellness. Check out her other blogs for inspiration and support.

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Organizing Tips to Transform Your Clothes Closets

When spring energy hits we feel compelled to clean out & organize!

One of the most needed and popular areas to organize is the clothes closet. Today I will share my top tips for making this area fun & functional.

TIP 1– Hanger Hell or Hanger Heaven

The easiest and cheapest closest transformation is getting the same color and type of hanger. Our brains and bodies go to color first. If you have hangers in all the colors of the rainbow, your brain can’t focus on the clothes. Then, along with the same color, choose the same type – all plastic or all wood. The best place to get the hanger you love is The Container Store. They have the largest selection.

TIP 2Sort by colors and types

To make it easy to find the piece of clothing you want, sort them first by color (refer to the tip above) and then by type.

TIP 3 – Clear the floor

The floor is not the place to store your shoes or homeless items. Get them all contained. Put the shoes on shoe shelves. Put the dirty laundry into a hamper. Do not store other stuff in the clothes closet.

TIP 4– Use cool containers for the small stuff

Containers make the difference between a cluttered closet and a gorgeous closet. Put accessories such as scarves, bags, jewelry and such into their own containers. Remember to label the containers and the shelves so it is easy to find what you need.

Invitation:Have fun clearing out your clothes closet and share before and after pictures with me at www.facebook.com/clearsimple/

I want you to get organized and have fun doing it!
Marla Dee

Clear & Simple, Marla Dee, Organizing Tips to Transform Your Clothes Closets

TOP Organizing Tip for the Year!

Marla Dee shares on KUTV Fresh Living. Get her top tip for keeping organizing SIMPLE!

Second only to Get Healthy is the Goal to Get Organized when the New Year hits. And yet the mere thought of all our stuff and chaos is overwhelming. So getting organized is quickly shoved to the back burner. Especially since only 10-12% of the human population on the planet earth is born with the organizing gene!

Marla Dee, creator of the Clear & SIMPLE Way, has been helping people for 17 years make organizing SIMPLE. Here is her TOP TIP for the New Year. Watch the show here!


TIP: Pick one small, medium and large project for each season.

I see my clients constantly stressed by focusing on all the clutter and organizing all the time. The idea here is to consciously choose three projects for each season and then let go of all the others. They can wait. You will feel the stress leave your body and your brain.

Small Project. By small I mean a project that can be completed in 2 hours or less. Let’s tackle your purse, wallet or briefcase. Another great one is the junk drawer or office supply drawer in your desk. These are areas we are into every day and it feels great to get them organized.

Cool Container -The Everything Organizer at The Container Store to organize your junk drawer, tool drawer, make up or any small items. The Everything Organizer Drawer

Medium Project. This project can be done in about four hours on a Saturday morning when your energy is high.

Great medium size project are the kitchen counter or your bedside tables. These are areas we see all the time and the clutter can drive us crazy.

Cool Container – Try getting beautiful baskets with lids so you don’t see all the stuff.

Your Large Project will take a day or a weekend. Choose only one weekend of the 3 months so you can prepare and enjoy this project with your partner and family.

Some great ideas for the winter are the toy room (now that new toys have come in), your clothes closet, or the home office.

Cool Container – Transform your clothes closet by getting hangers that are all the same color!!

Check out the annual Elfa Sale at The Container Store for your home areas and the FreedomFiler Kit for your home office paper and files.

Get the links for all the products mentioned above, along with other tips, at www.clearsimple.com/resources/

Audience Homework

– Take 10 minutes right NOW to choose your three projects for this winter season. Talk with your partner or family if wanted. Then schedule them on our calendar.

Please share your success with me at [email protected] or www.facebook.com/clearsimple.com and I will give you a prize. I want you to get organized and have fun doing it – Marla Dee

Clear & SIMPLE partners with The Container Store!

The ultimate organizing systems partner with the ultimate organizing solutions!

The Container Store now makes house calls and Clear & Simple is the medical team! It is with the most profound honor, gratitude and excitement that we announce our new relationship with The Container Store in their program Contained Home.

The Container Store is a brilliant company and recognizes that customers come in their store seeking solutions for their chaos but just getting containers is NOT enough.  And they get overwhelmed trying to figure it all out. They need help. They often need a professional organizer to see their space and take them through STACKS – Sort, Toss, Assign, Contain, Keep it up and Simplify.

The Clear & SIMPLE Team in Utah is thrilled to offer this help to the customers of The Container Store. If you have an area that needs special attention, the elfa system or fun ideas, please reach out to us 801-463-9090 | [email protected]

Our TIP for today is get help!  Ask a friend, a buddy or an organizer to come support you through all the decisions. You don’t have to do it alone.

Note – The Contained Home Program will be in all The Container Stores by the end of this year!  Check out the program and locations here Contained Home.

elfa laundry roomContained Home Cover


Your Ultimate Home Office

Courageous Client Story – Emily transformed her home office from a sad & dreary laundry closet to a fabulous room she loves to be in! This year we are highlighting our courageous clients. We feel that real life is the most powerful way to inspire you to change.  We hope you will find connection, comfort and renewed hope. Read on…

Courageous Client share – CLAIM the space you need and deserve for your home office.

Meet Emily – a fabulous photographer, extraordinary woman, wife, mother and much more. Emily is a true entrepreneur, which means she was young when she launched her first business.  Emily is a highly organized person with the innate skill.  She also stepped into the trap so many home business owners fall into – trying to make a small closet area her home office. Making do just didn’t support her or her exploding business.

Here are our TIPS for claiming the space you deserve:

  1. Ask yourself – if you could set up your office anywhere in your home, where would it be?
  2. What is blocking you from claiming that space?
  3. How would you want the space to look – feel – and function?
  4. Then – GO FOR IT!  Get help from a trusted friend or professional organizer.

Use our Ultimate Office MAP – click here

Make this the year to shine in your business by claiming the space and making it everything you want!

Check out Emily’s Website and fabulous gifts here