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Share what is in your heart

as well as what’s in your head

Kate Fehr

From Kate

As someone who thrives on being outdoors and socially connected, this whole quarantining and social distancing business has sent me through stages of intense resistance and, dare I say, teenage-like rebellion. As I continue to move through different reactions, an important thing I keep noticing is how thoughtful connection and sharing what is true for me in the moment, is supporting me in staying present and feeling grateful. In response to this, I have welcomed more video chats and I am calling over texting. I’m creating more time to share my experiences and inviting others to share theirs. I’m reading and watching more of the goodness that is landing in my email inbox. My invitation to you… share your personal fears, your joys, your hope, and your gratitude. Share what is in your heart as well as what is in your head. Now, more than ever, share, share, share.

Speaking of which, I’d like to share three of my favorite reads/watches of late. I hope you find some nuggets of value and goodness in them.

  • Bari Tessler – “Emotional literacy and financial literacy are intricately intertwined.” Extra love + money support during this challenging pandemic
  • Tina Falk – “Whether it’s daily client calls, weekly meetings, or a few exercise classes a week, it is worth preparing you and your space on an energetic level before and after each and every call.” Good Feng Shui for Video Conferencing
  • Joshua Becker – Thoughts on how minimalism, rather than hoarding possessions, may bring more of the peace we’re looking for right now. Possessions can never provide security. Minimalism in a Crisis

From Marla…
There is a lot of noise out there in our world. In the moment, it probably feels ok to repeat what you are hearing, without giving much thought to whether it is true for you and what affect it will have. I want to challenge you to be conscious about what you are sharing and how. Today I had two treats shared with me. My daughter Sarah sent me a short video of her flowers blooming in their backyard. This meant the world to me since I no longer live close to them. Then my brother spoke up on our family text line and asked that we no longer talk about the virus but focus on personal sharing  and connecting with each other. So, I got to experience that sharing sweetness can be simple and standing up for honorable sharing matters. I know I want my sharing to add guidance, insight, wisdom and hope. What about you? What affect are your words having?

Here are shares from three of my favorite messengers.

  • Erin Elizabeth Wells – “This is the time to practice radical responsibility. Will you slump into being a victim of life or will you claim your role as the captain of your ship?” 
  • Renee Trudeau – “As you reflect on what your life is trying to tell you, invite in curiosity, compassion, and ask for support from trusted friends. And remember, just because the veil has been lifted, doesn’t mean you have to rush to action.”  What is this time illuminating for you
  • Michael A. Singer  “Our primary job is to have clarity on the inside so we can take right action on the outside.” An interview by Tami Simon of Sounds True. Resilience in Challenging Times

Lastly, our funny share comes from Karen Kingston, author of Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui. Karen lives in the UK and she pokes fun at our toilet paper panic.

We hope that each of you are being given what you need each day during this time – to trust, to open, to grow, to give and to thrive.

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