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Marla Dee

Blending passion, inspiration and practical steps in her message, Marla makes organizing fun, simple and freeing! Her greatest joy is setting people free of the clutter in their space and the chaos in their day.


Marla has spoken for audiences around the world and will transform the lives of your group. She is known for inspiring and empowering people of all different ages, interests and needs. They will leave with the motivation and skill to get organized at last.


As the creator of the Clear & SIMPLE Systems®, Marla has been a powerful trainer to numerous organizations, audiences and organizers for 19 years. She is also the lead trainer in the Professional Organizer Training Program (since 2003).



Marla is the author of Get Organized, the Clear & Simple Way, The ART of Letting Go, The Simple Life, and all levels of The Professional Organizer Training Program. She has also written numerous trainings, workshops, newspaper articles, and more.


Marla blends passion, inspiration and practical steps to her message. She has spoken for audiences around the world and will transform the lives of your group. Marla promises to make organizing fun, simple and freeing!

Marla is a unique messenger for getting organized. As a Professional Organizer for 20 years, she has personally witnessed the areas of pain and chaos that exist in our world today. Marla’s valuable wisdom will inspire and empower your audience to change.

Marla’s most popular keynotes are:

  • The ART of Letting Go
  • Your Life Matters
  • Embracing Simplicity


Marla is the creator of the Clear & Simple Systems®, a step-by-step approach to getting and staying organized. In this time of overwhelming incoming information and expectations for our time, her message is needed more than ever. Organizing brings peace & productivity.

Give your business and employees the very best training for getting their paper, office, systems, and time organized. Organization is a critical element in how much work gets done, employee fulfillment and customer satisfaction. Marla offers everything from a lunch-n-learn to a full day training. She will bring expertise, humor, real life solutions and change to your business.

Marla’s most popular topics are:

  • Your Ultimate Office is Waiting
  • The Three Systems of Sanity for Paper Pain
  • Get Organized, the Clear & Simple Way


Marla has been sharing the Clear & Simple Way to clear your clutter and get organized for over 18 years. She has changed hundreds of people’s lives and loves seeing people light up with hope once they learn the Clear & Simple Systems.

Marla’s passion for speaking in the community can be measured by her monthly appearances anywhere the Clear & Simple Message is needed. She shares that her lifelong fear of speaking melted away when she gave her first clutter clearing presentation. It was the pain in the people’s faces and stories that struck a deep chord. She has been speaking ever since! 

Popular community topics are:

  • The ART of Letting Go
  • Get Organized, The Clear & Simple Way
  • From Paper Pain to Power
  • Top Ten Organizing Tips


“Your efficient Clear & Simple Systems© really do work! You have changed our lives! Thank you!”

Patty Cruz-Fouchard

Organised & Simple, London

“When I have that desire to declutter & simplify, I call Marla Dee! She will transform your group!”

Tiffany Walke-Peterson

Tiffany Speaks, Utah

“I couldn’t have asked for a more superb teacher to instruct me how to be a presenter.”

Ruth Hadlock

Streamlined Space, Salt Lake City


I would love to help you clear the clutter and get organized at last!

1. Why I Care

For over 20 years I have been a Professional Organizer. This means that I have seen the pain, chaos, overwhelm, and grief that clutter creates. And yet, I have also seen that people aren’t disorganized because they don’t care or for lack of trying. The struggle comes from not having the innate skill, time or energy. My passion for this work comes from my passion to help people find peace and order in their own space and in their day. Everyone deserves this.

Clear & Simple, SEE IT. MAP IT. DO IT., Marla Dee

3. What I Have Done

My greatest passion is organizing! I am the creator and trainer for the Clear & Simple Certified Organizer™ Training. I am a Golden Circle member of the National Association of Professional Organizers. I believe in giving service back to my community so I have served two terms as President of the Utah Professional Organizers along with many other service positions. I love beauty and order so I am a Certified Feng Shui Consultant. I say yes to any invitation to share the Clear & Simple message of hope so I have appeared on numerous TV and radio stories, spoken for hundreds of trainings and have been honored to be the keynote speaker at fabulous events. I thrive on service and speak somewhere every single month for free. My mission is to set people free of the clutter in their space and the chaos in their day in way I can.

Clear & Simple, Marla Dee

2. What I Care About


I believe the greatest block to getting organized is the FACT that only 10% of the human population is born with the organizing gene. The rest of humanity struggle and don’t know where to start, what to do or how to keep it up. The missing ingredient is learning the skill, the ABC’s of organizing. This is why I created the Clear & Simple Systems®, a step by step approach that teaches the skill.

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