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“My passion is helping you get clear & get moving! Let’s talk about your space, your calendar or your personal growth. Let’s do this together.”

 – Marla Dee

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Online Course with Marla Dee

6 Fabulous Modules

“Let me guide you through the Clear & Simple Steps and show you how do to a small, medium and large project. You can master the skill of organizing at last!

– Marla Dee

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by your home or office? By life?

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As you’ve learned by now from perusing our site, most people aren’t born with “The Organizing Gene,” the innate and seemingly magical ability to move through a space decluttering, organizing, and beautifying with ease. More than 90% of people need some sort of teaching around where to start, what to do, and how to keep it up, We believe organizing is a skill almost anyone can learn and that’s where The Clear & Simple Steps© come in. No matter what option you choose, our Clear & Simple Certified Organizers© will teach you The Steps, share the resources and tools, and walk with you along your path.

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Before we dive into any project, we start with See It. & Map It. No matter what size and scope of project, we have to take a look at what’s going on in your space, create the vision for what you want, and map out the steps to get it done.

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