Here are 3 simple ways to start that can be done in under an hour!

Does your bedroom refresh you or stress you?

Transforming your bedroom into a peaceful place begins with clearing the clutter.

This is the greatest gift you can give your body, your mind, and your heart.

Marla Dee

If you were standing in the doorway to your bedroom right now, would you be happy or stressed? Is your bedroom a resting zone or a check out zone? Your body is feeling everything in your bedroom, even when you are sleeping.

Because the bedroom is behind closed doors, it’s easy to ignore the clutter that builds up there. It often becomes the dumping ground for the homeless stuff. Yet continuing to ignore your bedroom means always waking up feeling tired and overwhelmed by life.

I want to offer some simple places to start since this project can feel huge. This starts you clearing without getting lost in the details. Keep in mind we will take you through SEE IT. MAP IT. DO IT.© for the whole room next. Choose one of the following ideas, schedule the time, turn on music and dive in. Have boxes and bags on hand for goes elsewhere, donations, trash, and goes to someone else.


Set your timer for one hour and journey through your bedroom gathering all the obvious stuff that doesn’t belong there, is no longer useful, or that you are ready to let go of. Keep in mind that you are only going after the obvious and easy stuff. If you have to stop and think about it, then wait. You are only doing one hour but you might be surprised how much goes away.


Start at door into your bedroom and work your way around the whole area staying focused on the floor. Pick up and bag all the stuff that you know needs to leave. Don’t worry about the other stuff, it comes later. Then grab the vacuum or broom and enjoy cleaning away the old dust and grime.


You can start the clutter clearing by pulling out all the stuff under the bed. You want to avoid using this as a storage area if at all possible. Remember, your body is feeling all the stuff under there while you are sleeping. Once you clear the space, take a few more minutes to clean it also. You will love how it feels.

When you are done, take some deep breaths and notice how different the room feels. It can be fun to take pictures of all the stuff leaving. Let yourself take in the change and celebrate what you have done.

Now enjoy a good night’s sleep!

Your Guide Marla Dee. I love teaching the Clear & Simple Way to live free of clutter and get organized at last.