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Kate Fehr

Organizing & Intentionality Guide

Do you feel stuck in a life that is draining you? Do you long for a life that is deeply fulfilling?

Most people have some form of paralyzing clutter. They feel buried in stuff, overwhelmed with To Do’s, exhausted by expectations. 

Over the last decade I have been a Professional Organizing Consultant & Guide learning how to combine simple, yet potent systems with powerful tools. For most of my adult life I have been learning how to cultivate presence, compassion, and intentionality. Add all of these together and the result is a magical blend that supports and empowers my clients through transformation.

They go from feeling hopeless and in over their heads to inspired and ready to create the life they most want to be living!

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Kate is equipped up to guide you in-person or virtually. She specializes in minimizing, digital organizing, and life management. She is a Clear & Simple Certified Organizer© and is passionate about teaching the skill of organizing using The Clear & Simple Steps©.

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