Transform your home and office from cluttered to organized.

Our simple step-by-step method teaches you
where to start, what to do, and how to keep it up.







Transform your home and office from cluttered to organized.

Our simple step-by-step method teaches you
where to start, what to do, and how to keep it up.

The Clear & Simple mission

We will restore order to your space, clarity to your vision and freedom to your life.
At Clear & Simple, we understand how it feels to be overwhelmed by paper, communications, expectations, tasks and all that stuff. We want to help clear the path and create systems to support your present needs.

Get Organized

We believe that organizing is a skill that only 10% of the population is born with and most people are never taught, which is why the Clear & SIMPLE Systems® of organizing were created.

Get Help

Our many years of experience have shown us countless times that decluttering and organizing are not only easier, but far more enjoyable when you have guidance and support.

Get Trained

If you are one of those rare people who a naturally organized, get energized by dealing with clutter and love organizing others, then our organizer training may be a right-fit for you.

Get Organized

The Clear & Simple Steps© will transform your experience of organizing from stressful and overwhelming to fun, simple and freeing.

Since most people don’t know where to start, what to do or how to keep it up, you will find us out in the community sharing and teaching The Clear & Simple Steps® of SEE IT • MAP IT • DO IT© and S.T.A.C.K.S.©. We also offer a fantastic array of products that will make getting your home, your office, your kids, your move, or your vital documents organized a doable and great experience.

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Having the kindness and accountability of a Clear & Simple Certified Organizer® will radically improve your experience of decluttering and organizing.

C&S is known for impeccable organizing services and client care. As Clear & Simple Certified Organizers®, our team will join you in your home or office, assess your needs, and create a personalized plan of action to get the job done. We offer a variety of packages.

Individual Consultation | Workplace Consultation | Hands-on Help | Virtual Consultation | Professional Organizer Training | Organization Seminars and Workshops

Get the Guide – Marla

Having a guide along your journey of clutter clearing and organizing provides grounding and guarantees your success.

Blending passion, inspiration and practical steps in her message, Marla makes organizing fun, simple and freeing! Her greatest joy is setting people free of the clutter in their space and the chaos in their day.

Marla has been sharing The Clear & Simple Way© to clear your clutter and get organized for over 20 years. She has changed hundreds of people’s lives and loves seeing people light up with hope once they learn The Clear & Simple Steps.

Clear & Simple, Marla Dee

Get the Guide – Kate

Having a guide along your journey of clutter clearing and organizing provides grounding and guarantees your success.

Kate is a consultant, guide, and trainer blending together Feng Shui and professional organizing. She is passionate about teaching people how to radically simplify, streamline and systematize by following The Clear & Simple Steps.

She supports bringing soulful energy into their lives and spaces. After working with a variety of clients in homes and businesses for over a decade, Kate has now stepped into creation and cultivation of Clear & Simple’s online offerings. She wants to guide people around the world.

Get Trained

By applying the Clear & Simple Systems©, you feel calm, confident, centered, and ready to help your clients transform spaces large and small.

In January of 2003, C&S offered the first ever, nationwide, 5 Day Live Professional Organizer Training Program. This training was designed to meet the needs of a growing market of professional organizers that were seeking education and guidance in this new industry. This training is known nationwide for as a powerful program for jumpstarting a new organizing business, Turning Passion into Profits. We now proudly support organizers in 9+ countries.
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Happy Clients

I don't know about you, but I have that desire to DECLUTTER & simplify...feels good to let it go & organize (create peace) in my space. If you need support doing this, get it. I've used Marla Dee of Clear & SIMPLE several times and it's been worth every red cent. It often even helps me attract more cents due to the new openness, creativity, and peace that is the result of organization .

Tiffany Walke Peterson

The Lighthouse Principles

I am a small business owner of two businesses in the Salt Lake Valley. I hired Kate to assist in these businesses after she directed a major organization project in my home. Her expertise in these businesses has been transformative. In addition to working with our administrative team to update and reorganize our data management and file systems, she has been a creative force in business development by helping us create a vision for increasing the customer service, productivity, and overall value of these companies. I am excited that simplifying and streamlining our processes will give me, and our whole team, more time to spend on the things that matter the most. On a more personal note, Kate has brought a synergy to our teams that is greatly appreciated. She listens to us and finds individualized solutions to our unique needs. She provides a warm, supportive presence with a high level of professionalism.

Dr. Tracine Smoot
Psychological Solutions

I couldn't have asked for a more superb teacher to instruct me how to be a presenter. It was a tremendous weight off my shoulders being able to use Marla's presentation backbone, instead of agonizing over how to create one from beginning to end on my own, which would have been overwhelming and I never would have done it. It saved me innumerable hours. Marla encouraged me to infuse my core values, strengths and personality type to the presentation, resulting in a speaking engagement that my audience has found easy-to-follow, entertaining and action-oriented, in such a way that they are propelled to embark on an organizing job on their own.

Ruth Hadlock
Streamlined Space

We were fortunate enough to have Kate come to our house for a space clearing. What ended up happening was a total transformation from a house, into a home. Kate explained the process and what to expect before we began. As we went room to room setting intentions, we were able to create a space for our family that is now filled with love, light, harmony, and peace. Kate made simple suggestions for room layouts. The changes were easy, but the outcome of how we feel in our home is amazing. We are now organized, clear headed and feel a sense of peace in our space we call home. She is in-tune with her gifts, and combined with her professionalism, she is a true treasure.

Mary and Mark Falcone

In January 2007, after months of research, I made a life-changing decision to invest in my new business as a professional organizer. I chose the Clear & SIMPLE Certified Organizer Training Program because it offered a three-level approach to support the success and longevity of my business. Marla Dee has brought together the systems, knowledge, tools and understanding, injected that with her unique philosophy of care, strength and hope, to create a one-of-a-kind experience. In doing so, Clear & SIMPLE training sets an unrivaled standard for professional organizers seeking their best vehicle to success.

Carol J. McKenzie
The Last Detail

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