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Top 5 Tips for Email Overload

How many hundreds or thousands of emails are in your inbox? Let's get real. Email is one of the biggest areas of stress, clutter, and loss of productivity. Below are 5 tips to tackle that craziness. In my time as a professional organizer, I have helped numerous...

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Organizing your home can save your marriage

Working together rather than battling each other. I am often called a marriage therapist by the couples I work with.  I am in their home, I see the clutter and chaos, I hear the overwhelm and frustration. I hope you can use these tips to help make organizing easier...

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iRAFT – System for Paper Pain

We are drowning in paper, emails, and information overload. It is paralyzing! Did you know you can handle all of your incoming and actions in less than an hour a week? You heard us - less than an hour a week! We know paper comes at you from all directions and that you...

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Picking the Perfect Planner

DAYTIMER DILEMMA? TIPS FOR PICKING THE PERFECT PLANNER Do you have daytimer dilemma! We need paper planners more than ever! We love our technology for tracking all the details of our contact and appointments.  But nothing replaces paper for planning out our month,...

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Honor What Matters Most

Only YOU can stand up for what matters most in your life. We talk about this every December because your life is what matters most to us.  We are passionate about helping you get free of clutter and get organized so you can love your life. We are constantly hit with...

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Get Organized for the Holidays

The Holidays are a favorite time of year! We love them and can also get stressed by them. I am sharing my top organizing tips for the holiday season. These tips may seem simple but they help.  Have fun watching my segment on Fresh Living! Also, get our Top Ten Tips...

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Home Tip: Containers for Beauty & Order

During the Holidays we want our homes to be organized and also beautiful.  This is our favorite tip for bringing both of those together! The secret to success is CONTAINERS! Containers provide a home for all the loose stuff so it is easier to find, use and return. 1 -...

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The ART of Letting Go ~ Inspiration

Inspiration - the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions! As defined by the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, getting inspired means to get the intellect or emotion moving! We often hear people say, "I"m lazy so I don't... clean out my purse, clean out...

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The ART of Letting Go ~ Trust

Trust is the most important part of letting go. After Acceptance and Release comes the last step on your journey of freedom from clutter…Trust! We know clearing clutter can be overwhelming.  We hope these three steps have made it simpler.  We want to help free you to...

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The ART of Letting Go ~ Release

Start with the willingness to surrender. Take a deep breath and exhale. What are you ready to let go of right now? The first step in ART was Acceptance. Now you are ready for the Release. When you have accepted where you are in present time, you are free to let go of...

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The ART of Letting Go ~ Acceptance

All change begins with ACCEPTANCE... The first step in letting go is accepting the story your clutter tells. All clutter tells a story and everyone has clutter in some area of his or her life. Accept that your environment is simply a reflection of your life up until...

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Clutter Clearing can be simple & fun!

Ready to have some fun clearing clutter? We know, we know... "FUN - REALLY?"  Yes, fun! With a simple plan, a support group of people honoring each other, fabulous resources and inspiration along the way; it can be fun to clear out the stuff! You'll get all of this...

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Simplify Magazine

"An intentionally simple & enjoyable reading experience." We all know that our world offers a plethora of ways in which information floods into our awareness. Social media feeds are chock-full of posts, events and offerings. Email inboxes are inundated with...

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Time for Slow. Time for Simple.

We could all use a little big dose of slow and simple. Recently, I was sitting outside my son's basketball practice reading and enjoying a new book. I overheard two parents reconnecting after being away for the summer. "How was your summer?" The woman asked...

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Our simple summer.

This summer was one of the greatest testimonies of how living with less gives us the opportunity to LIVE more.  Kate Fehr Nothing calls me back to the most joyous times of being a child like summertime. Vivid memories of waking up without alarm clocks, spending days...

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