Here are 3 simple ways that can be done in under an hour!

Does your garage function how you most want and need?

Is your garage dumping ground for all the things you don’t know what to do with?

What would your ideal garage space look and feel like?

Marla Dee

Can you park your car in your garage? Or is it full of moving boxes that were never unpacked, yard tools and equipment, piles of stuff you planned on selling in a garage sale, flat sports balls and other old toys, bags of clothes that no longer fit anyone, outdoor gear you don’t have time to use, broken household items that you keep asking your partner to fix, and leftovers from home remodeling projects. The list goes on and on. The garage is the “quick in the moment” dumping ground for stuff going in and out of the house. It is scary how fast the clutter builds up and sad how long it stays. We will start the transformation with some clutter clearing.

Clutter clearing can be simpler by starting small. Take a look at the following three options that can be done in less than an hour. This will get you started and keep you from getting lost in the details. Keep in mind we will take you through SEE IT. MAP IT. DO IT.© for the whole garage next. Choose one of the following ideas, schedule the time, turn on music and dive in. Have boxes and bags on hand for what goes elsewhere, donations, trash, and goes to someone else.


Get together your family team and turn this into a game! Set the timer for an hour, give everyone trash bags and donation boxes. The idea is to go after the obvious trash and the we are ready to get rid of this stuff. Don’t get lost in a deep sort right now. You might be surprised how much garbage has built up. When the hour is up, reward the winner and congratulate each other.


The garage tends to get dirty and grungy!. It is amazing how fabulous it feels just to clear and clean the floor. You don’t have to take long or get lost in dealing with stuff. Let it be good enough to just clear away the big areas of the easy stuff, sweep and possibly hose off the floor. You might feel so good that you want to do another small project.


This can be another easy and surprising way to clear clutter. The garage is a popular place for all the bags and boxes of donations that left the house but piled up here. Sometimes there are years worth just taking up valuable space. Why not schedule an afternoon, gather all the boxes and take them to your favorite donation place. Or you can call and arrange for a pickup.*

When you are done, take some deep breaths and take in how different your garage feels. Celebrate what you have done. It can be fun to take pictures of all the stuff leaving. *Keep in mind that some companies will pick up your donations if you can schedule it ahead of time.


Clear & Simple, SEE IT. MAP IT. DO IT., Marla Dee, Kate Fehr, Organize Your Garage, Organize Your Car

SEE IT. MAP IT. DO IT.© Garage Guide

Clear & Simple, SEE IT. MAP IT. DO IT., Marla Dee, Kate Fehr, Organize Your Garage

SEE IT. MAP IT. DO IT.© Car Guide

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