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Clear & Simple Product Line

Full line of digital products written in the Clear & Simple Systems™ language, that teach the skill.


The Ultimate Filing System. Tired of cleaning out files? Here is the best, maintenance-free, all-encompassing, filing system.

Clear Project Folders

This is Clear & Simple’s favorite paper container and tool. Use it to hold incoming papers, replace manilla folders, keep children’s papers contained in backpacks and so much more.

TCS Everything Organizer

Make your junk drawers organized and happy once and for all with this 23-compartment, 2 level organizer.

TCS Acrylic Desktop File

One of our favorite desktop action file boxes comes from The Container Store. It’s functional and beautiful when you add in your favorite color of file folders.

The Container Store

“The original storage and organization store!” Our favorite online and in-store resource for thousands of organizational items at affordable prices.

arc from Staples

Organize all of your notes, tasks and to-do lists with the customizable arc Notebook. Its ultra-flexible design allows you to add, remove and rearrange your favorite and most important papers and accessories again and again.

Circa by Levenger

We LOVE and use Circa regularly! The discbound system replaces the standard spiral notebook. With this fabulous system papers can be easily removed, rearranged and/or transferred to other discbound notebooks.

Time Timer

Do you want Tangible Time Management? Check out one of very favorite tools, the Time Timer. Available in desk clock, wall clock, watch, computer desktop and mobile app!

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