Close your eyes, take a long deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, and visualize your most favorite and joyful holiday memories.

Dream big!

How do you most want your holidays to look and feel?


Every October we focus on clearing clutter simply and easily with our 30 Day Clutter Clear Out Movement. We’ve created powerful tools you can utilize any time of year to support your journey. If you have some extra time, hop on over there to access these offerings. If time is of the essence and the holiday season has begun, circle back to the Clutter Clear Out in January.

For November and December we invite a slow down and focus on simplifying. We’ll spend the other nine months diving into organizing. Check out our Simplify Your Home and Holidays for all of our suggested actions. 


No matter what holidays you partake in there is excitement and, dare we say, magical qualities. Then there are the inherent complexities. From wanting to attend all the gatherings to buying gifts that bring great joy; from having delightful decor to making delicious meals; from all the traditions passed down or created ourselves to deepen the meaning of the holiday.

Focus on Freedom: When it comes to the holidays do you allow yourself extra time to cultivate ritual and tradition in the events, activities, and to-do’s? Do you say yes when you really want to say no? Do you have any time for rest and rejuvenation? Sit down with your calendar and be realistic and truthful about how much you can and to engage with. First, block out some “you” time each week. Then add things you know for sure (shopping, decorating, cooking, baking, gatherings) in your calendar where you will not schedule other things.

Focus on Family: One of the most precious things we can do at the Holiday Season is spend meaningful time together. To keep this simple, sit down together as a family and ask each person to share what is the one thing they want most to do this year?

Focus on You: It’s your life and your choice. Choose traditions based on your family’s current values and desires, not just what has “always been done.” Some of our favorites include a sledding day, reading together before bed, giving to a family in need, and having a game night each week.

Remember memories are stored when we experience emotion. Make your holidays deeply memorable! Then put these important choices first on your calendar and feel the relief of letting go of all the other stuff we tell ourselves we should be doing. You have chosen what matters most.

When you are ready for more simple actions, head over to our Simplify Your Home and Holidays page, where you will find more blogs and our eBook chock full of our home and holiday simplifying goodness.

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