A new year is a new journey. Create the map for where you want to go!

I dare you to take one day out of the year and create your personal map for the next year. Taking this precious time sets the path for what you most want and value to happen in the year ahead. You are the only one who can do this. Are you willing?

Marla Dee

A new year can be a new journey of adventure and growth for you. It’s time to become the person you are ready to be, the person the world needs you to be. At the same time, planning the new year can seem overwhelming. I will share how to create your One-Page-Master-Map using the Clear & Simple Steps!

See it. Map it. Do it. is the 3 step organizing system that works for all the areas of your space and life. Let’s apply it to your year.

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SEE IT – Take a look at where you’ve been. You begin with acknowledging and learning from your past. Spend some time answering the questions below as they relate to last year.

  • What worked? What did you accomplish?
  • What can you celebrate?
  • What didn’t work? What disappointed you?
  • What did you learn about yourself, life and others?

Once you have done this, take time with your body, your heart and your head to release the old stuff. Breathe, feel, walk, run, or whatever your body wants. 

MAP IT – Next it’s time to make a written plan for where you want to go. If you were taking a road trip, you would have a general idea of your destination and the stops along the way. Mapping out your year is similar. Just get the big pieces in place.

  • Choose one word for the year. Make it visual so you see it often and get reminded of your focus.
  • Choose your three core values for this year. You can deepen this by adding a sentence of what meaning they have for you.
  • Write down your five most important roles. Most of us have many roles and it is vital to know which ones matter most when you are making decisions each day.
  • Write the most important goal, creation or change for each role.
  • Choose a tool to write all this down so you can review it often. Choose one that works for your personality, It can be paper or digital. Get creative with this so you love it.
  • Get  your  ONE PAGE MASTER MAP FORM here.

DO IT – Take the steps to get there. Now that you have your map and tool for the year, it’s time for action. Here is the system to bring your goals into your daily life, to break down the big changes to smaller step

  • For each month – Take 30 minutes and begin with reviewing last month. What got done, what didn’t and why? Then look at your year map and write down the 3 most important actions for this month. Use your tool to make sure you see these easily for your weekly planning.
  • For the week – Take 30 minutes, look at your month and write down the 3 most important actions for the week. Use your tool to make sure you see these often. I strongly suggest a weekly accountability partner!
  • For each day – Take time every morning with yourself, time to center and listen to what is going on inside you! Choose ways to do this that are meaningful and attractive to you. Then write down the 3 most important actions for the day. Then close your day with celebrating your day, what you accomplished and what had meaning to you.

Lastly, close down this time with yourself by fully taking in this new freedom. Open your body, mind and heart. Feel the open space and let the new come in. Now you are ready to start exploring what you want next.

Download the MAPS below as your guides.

Clear & Simple, SEE IT. MAP IT. DO IT., Organize Your Year

Organize Your Year Map

Clear & Simple, SEE IT. MAP IT. DO IT., Organize Your Year

See It. Map It. Do It. Your Year

Clear & Simple, SEE IT. MAP IT. DO IT., Marla Dee, Kate Fehr, Organize Your Year

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