Paper piles seem to land everywhere, from the kitchen counter to the bedroom night table.

How would it feel to walk through your home

and not see even one pile of paper?

Every October we focus on clearing clutter simply and easily with our 30 Day Clutter Clear Out Movement. We’ve created powerful tools you can utilize any time of year to support your journey. If you have some extra time, hop on over there to access these offerings. If time is of the essence and the holiday season has begun, circle back to the Clutter Clear Out in January.

For November and December we invite a slow down and focus on simplifying. We’ll spend the other nine months diving into organizing. Check out our Simplify Your Home and Holidays for all of our suggested actions. 

Now, we know there is nothing simple about paper, yet we’re going to invite you to start there.  Since paper tends to take over the whole house we’re cheering you on to get some order in place before the holiday busyness really creeps in. We’re going to help you get all the piles cleaned up for now and then help you organize them in the new year. This valiant effort will make you and your home feel so much better.  

Step One: Walk around your home and make a list of approximately how many banker’s boxes worth of paper have piled up. 

Step Two: Purchase the appropriate number of bankers boxes with file rails or plastic file totes, then a box or two of hanging file folders, super sticky notes in your favorite color, and a sharpie or two.

Step Three: Gather all of the paper piles from around your house (kitchen, dining room, family room, office, bedroom, etc.) filing them as you go according to what room they are in – or according to the general category of paper (kid papers, work project, unopened mail, etc.). Use the Post-its upside down to create a temporary label to stick on the file folders. You may also want a folder or two for things you find that need attention soon, like bills to pay, events that needs an RSVP, or calls that need to be made.

Step Four: Use post-its to label the boxes with something similar to “Papers to Process”, put the lids on, and put the boxes in an easy-to-access, yet out of sight place.

Step Five: Schedule some time in January to process these boxes of paper using our Organize Your Paper guidelines. Seriously, put it on your calendar. 😊

Step Six: Take a few deep breaths and simply be present for a few moments. You just moved a whole of energy. Talk a stroll through your home noticing what a difference it makes not seeing all that paper but to know right where to go if you need to locate something.

When you are ready for more, head over to our Simplify Your Home and Holidays page, where you will find more blogs and our eBook with all of our home and holiday simplifying actions.

Clear & Simple, SEE IT. MAP IT. DO IT., Simplify Your Home, Simplify Your Holidays, Piles of paper, File Tote
Clear & Simple, SEE IT. MAP IT. DO IT., Simplify Your Home, Simplify Your Holidays

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