Organizer Training – Level II Certification


Do you want PERSONAL & POWERFUL Training for yourself and your business.  This brand new option form Clear & SIMPLE gives you the once in a life time opportunity to get time with the EXPERTS.  All your questions will be answered and you will leave transformed. This Training builds on the Foundation Course and gives you all the tools to become a Clear & SIMPLE Certified Organizer.  Isn’t it time you gave this to yourself?


Price $4250 / Value $4950 / Savings $700 

Become a Clear & SIMPLE Certified Organizer™ and an expert in your area!

The Certification Course is 60+ hours of training. It follows The Foundation Course and builds upon what you learned there.  This training brings in depth, application, marketing, branding and time with the experts. Now offered LIVE in Salt Lake City.

In your 3-day training, you will receive…

  • A methodology that identifies where to start, what to do an how to keep it up
  • A personal coach who is a successful organizer and who cares about your success
  • The forms to use for every type of job and knowledge about how to customize them
  • The time in the field with an expert so you can ask all your burning questions
  • The confidence that only comes from having clear systems in place
  • The simple systems for marketing and making money
  • The best branding guidelines which will save you time and money
  • The knowledge of what it takes to grow and stay in business
  • and lastly, the inspiration to create your business – your way!


You will spend 3 Days One-On-One with Clear & SIMPLE Certified Trainers. You will get all your questions answered, a personalized marketing plan, and powerful coaching from the experts including a full day in the field with a client!

** NOTE: The Foundation Course is a Prerequisite and must be paid for separately and completed first.