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We’ve walked you through SEE IT, MAP IT, and DO IT for Time, which each include one of our top tips. If you missed the earlier blogs, read them now. We’d like to offer you one more fabulous tip and an offer for getting even more…

  1. Write a VISION for your day, week or year.

Many people think they are just too busy to make plans so we are offering the simplest of tips that can really make a difference in your life. Take 2-3 minutes and just write down your vision for the day or week.  Let it be 5 words or less. Here are some examples –

  • Today I will be hopeful
  • Today I choose action
  • I know what matters most
  • This week is about family
  • This week I celebrate me
  • I am moving slowly
  • I am grateful for life

Then try the same thing for your year! The most powerful time of the year is your birthday! Write a simple phrase of 5 words or less that encompasses what you most want in the next year. Make it visual and keep it with you throughout the year.

For a powerful and life changing vision recorded in your own voice see Ideal Life Vision. This tool will transform your life.

If you have found these tips to be helpful we’d like to invite you to purchase the whole collection along with our best tips for paper in our great little ebook TOP TEN TIPS for Paper & Time for only $10.

Clear & SIMPLE TOP TEN Tips for Paper & Time

Let’s honor our life by honoring our our time!

Marla, Kate & Team
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