Write down the 3 MOST IMPORTANT to do’s – and let that be enough…

We measure our life energy, our being and our doing by measuring time.  We all have the same “24 hours” in each day. How is it that some people are naturally able to be more present and accomplish what is most important while others struggle?

Using the Clear & SIMPLE System of SEE IT, MAP IT, DO IT, we can show you how to make time tangible and manageable! Here is DO IT, the our last of three blogs helping you get things done and bringing joy back in your day. Check out SEE IT and MAP IT.

DO IT – Now we come to the DO IT Step which can feel overwhelming. How can I possibly fit everything into my day, much less make it simple?

Start by taking only 5 minutes at the start and end of each day to ask what are the 3 MOST IMPORTANT TASKS for your personal and work life – the ones that only you can do? Then write them done in a simple notebook, on a yellow pad, in your smart phone notebook or app (try Wunderlist), on a 3×5 card or even a post it note. At the end of the day, look back and celebrate getting those 3 things done! Or you will get to notice how you got distracted so you can practice again the next day.

This simple practice will help you discriminate what needs really needs your attention today. Along with the sense of accomplishment for getting done what matters most to YOU!

Clear & SIMPLE, Accomplishment

Joyfully getting things done!

Marla, Kate & Team
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