Time is a treasured resource, but so elusive. Here is a tool to help you touch time!

We measure our life energy, our being and our doing by measuring time.  We all have the same “24 hours” in each day. How is it that some people are naturally able to be more present and accomplish what is most important while others struggle?

Using the Clear & SIMPLE System of SEE IT, MAP IT, DO IT, we can show you how to make time tangible and manageable! In this blog, and the two following – MAP IT & DO IT, we will share our favorite tips and tools with you.

SEE IT- Having a clock is not enough. How do I touch time? How do I make time tangible – physical? Start with a great tool for SEEING the task in front of you. Our favorite is the Time Timer. Using the grounding color of red, you can actually SEE how much time you have left to dedicate to that project! The color red goes directly to your body (think red stop sign). Rather than using your left brain to calculate, you just know and immediately adjust your action.

Great for all ages.  Kids can use this for play time, homework time, or projects.  It even comes in a watch form that helps people with ADD or ADHD.  Adults can use this tool in their personal life for everything from cooking, gardening, computer time, phone calls, family time and projects.  In the work life, this tool is invaluable for meetings, projects and time sensitive activities.

The Time Timer also comes in an app, wall clock, watch and now with bright color holders. You simply must check out their website and try this tool.  Our clients tell us constantly that they can’t live without it now and neither can we.

Clear & SIMPLE, TimeTimer MOD Colors

Marla, Kate & Team
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