Plan your week by your ROLES rather than massive lists.

We measure our life energy, our being and our doing by measuring time.  We all have the same “24 hours” in each day. How is it that some people are naturally able to be more present and accomplish what is most important while others struggle?

Using the Clear & SIMPLE System of SEE IT, MAP IT, DO IT, we can show you how to make time tangible and manageable! This blog focuses on the MAP IT step for time – check out the SEE IT and DO IT steps.

MAP IT – Most of us avoid planning our day, week or year because it feels overwhelming even thinking about all we have to do.  We have a simpler approach that our clients find easy and joyful to do.  We suggest you try this out for planning out your week.

Make a simple list of the ROLES you have first –

  • Self Care
  • Partner
  • Parent
  • Home Care
  • Work
  • Family & Friends
  • Community


Then ask what do I need/want to do this week for this role?  It is much easier for your brain to sort the to do’s according to the roles you play in your daily life.  Remember the MAP (Make A Plan) IT step makes a difference. The mere act of writing something down allows your brain to release and let go of holding that information.

One of our favorite Day Planners that is already set up with seven columns for your roles and the days of the week is Planner Pad. Their brilliant format allows you to funnel your to-do list from general to specific, all within your calendar week!  Or just use a spiral notebook or yellow pad – the point is write it down.

Planner Pad even offers digital apps for all of your devices! Check out their website for a video on how it works.

Clear & SIMPLE, Planner Pad APP


However you map your time, make sure it works for YOU!

Marla, Kate & Team
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