Joyful Connection

No more notifications please!!

Every time I think of checking my email or social media I cringe. Why? Because things come in so quickly that I’m inundated by those numbered notifications. You get it! It’s like laundry…never ending! Plus, I waste so much time “just checking it really quickly.”

Okay, enough of the problem. Here is my outline of solutions.

First, accessibility.

I deleted ALL of my social media apps (expect for Instagram) off of my phone. It’s like ice cream for me. If I can get to it, I’ll eat it. (more…)

Clutter Clearing Made SIMPLE!

Spring is here. The sun is out. Time to clear out the clutter. But where to start and how to get it done. Clearing the clutter is freeing but can also be overwhelming.

Here are some simple tips to get started:

  • Start with a SMALL project like your purse, the top of your dresser, or the junk drawer.
  • Get a BUDDY and take turns helping each other. The project will be so much more fun with a friend.
  • (more…)