No more notifications please!!

Every time I think of checking my email or social media I cringe. Why? Because things come in so quickly that I’m inundated by those numbered notifications. You get it! It’s like laundry…never ending! Plus, I waste so much time “just checking it really quickly.”

Okay, enough of the problem. Here is my outline of solutions.

First, accessibility.

I deleted ALL of my social media apps (expect for Instagram) off of my phone. It’s like ice cream for me. If I can get to it, I’ll eat it. If I cannot easily get to these items, my desire and systems for interacting with them cleanly will be much more effective. My computer is now my only access into these platforms.

Second, put it on the calendar.

I’ve SCHEDULED 1 hour each weekday morning for this interaction. I’m calling this new ritual “connection” rather than “management” in order to hold space for it to be joyful and supportive rather than a tedious task. Also, I didn’t include the weekends because, for me, those days are strictly about unplugging and mindfully being with myself, my family and my friends.

My email works just a bit differently. R.A.F.T.© is my system of choice (see this older blog post for details clearsimple.com/just-flow-with-it). With this system I SORT my emails each morning, but have time scheduled time each day to PROCESS them.

Third, time management.

You’ll never guess what tool I’m using here… Time Timer!! Email gets 10 minutes for SORTING and social media gets 5-10 minutes for each profile. Of course it would be easy to just add more time to the Time Timer, ’cause what would another 5-10 minutes hurt, right?! That is where number four comes in…

Fourth, accountability.

This is absolutely a practice-makes-perfect scenario. Like most everyone, I feel empowered and excited when I stick to a process within the parameters I have set for myself and not “cheat.” Sometimes guidelines need adjusting, but his is all about me showing up authentically. I’ve really grown to love accountability and implementing practices that support this practice.

Please connect with us if you desire more information or support.

Have a brilliant day!


R.A.F.T.© Clear & SIMPLE, LLC