Take a trip with YOURSELF!

We take trips for family, for work, for community service. Isn’t it time to claim a trip just for you?

What if you could take any trip you wanted this summer?  Where would you go? What would you do? Would you be with your intimate partner, with your kids, with a best friend? How about taking time with the most important person of all – how about a trip just to be with yourself?

In asking this question, I realized that I hadn’t taken my much needed solo retreat in years!  Yikes, I used to do this every year. I would take 3-5 days away from my world of responsibilities and explore what was happening inside myself.  I remember my first trip to  see the Redwoods, when I found the red rock wonders of Capital Reef, and my many journeys to my homeland of Montana. This sacred time would always – 

  • Clear my body and my brain of the clutter
  • Light a creative fire igniting new ideas
  • Restore my being and bring me back to life
  • Remind me how precious just being alive is
  • Reconnect me with nature which is my source

So what happened? (more…)

Clutter Clearing your brain!

A clear day begins with a clear brain.

Information is coming at us nonstop from every direction.  How can we make clear choices and decisions when our brain is already on overload. One tip for sanity is to claim 15-30 minutes each day just for clean out of all the build up and to give yourself a break from the new coming in.  Some of my favorite ways to do this are:

  • Sit quietly with a morning cup of coffee or tea.  Just let your mind wander where it will.
  • Do a BRAIN DUMP – write down anything and everything that is chattering away in your brain.  Let it out.
  • Go for a walk around your block and take in the sites, sounds and smells.  Let the earth clear you.
  • Journal in a free style format.  Let whatever thoughts, ideas or wonderings that pop up go down on paper.
  • Have a conversation with yourself.  Yes, just talk out loud and be amused at what is going on inside you.
  • Do a simple breath meditation just focusing on your inhale and exhale.  Set the intention that with every exhale, old information will leave your body and your brain.


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