We take trips for family, for work, for community service. Isn’t it time to claim a trip just for you?

What if you could take any trip you wanted this summer?  Where would you go? What would you do? Would you be with your intimate partner, with your kids, with a best friend? How about taking time with the most important person of all – how about a trip just to be with yourself?

In asking this question, I realized that I hadn’t taken my much needed solo retreat in years!  Yikes, I used to do this every year. I would take 3-5 days away from my world of responsibilities and explore what was happening inside myself.  I remember my first trip to  see the Redwoods, when I found the red rock wonders of Capital Reef, and my many journeys to my homeland of Montana. This sacred time would always – 

  • Clear my body and my brain of the clutter
  • Light a creative fire igniting new ideas
  • Restore my being and bring me back to life
  • Remind me how precious just being alive is
  • Reconnect me with nature which is my source

So what happened? How could so much time go by and not honor myself this way? Well, years went into helping with aging parents who passed away in 2012 and 2013.  My business changed dramatically after 2008.  My daughter got Type I diabetes.  Basically, life threw me big curve balls as it often does. But I am coming back. And I am remembering that this is the most important trip I need to take each year.

So I am ready to reclaim my time! I am committing to you that I am taking my retreat in August!

What about you?  Isn’t it time?  My challenge to you is to take 10-15 minutes right NOW and answer the following questions.  I also shared my answers with you.  This is the SEE IT & MAP IT steps of your trip!

  • What would feel good to my body?
  • What would be interesting for my mind?


    Marla Dee – at home in nature

  • Where would I go and how would I get there?  
  • How long would I need – days and nights?
  • What would I not do?
  • What am I longing to do?
  • Here is what came up for me answering the queries above. I am longing for 4 days and 3 nights in the magical land of Torrey UT. Here I get the red rocks of Capital Reef to the north and the cool pines and aspens to the south. I want lots of wandering in the hills, journaling and reading in the Robbers Roost bookstore, soaking up stars and blissful silence at night, no commitments to anyone, no phone and no computer. I can’t wait!When was the last time you took a solo retreat and spent time in the most important relationship you have? Isn’t it time?Please write and let me know what you choose to do and where you will go? I will write another blog in August and share the gifts that came from mine.Marla Dee