Putting it all together…

You’ve got all the pieces, now let’s put the puzzle together!

Are you starting to feel like you’re getting this R.A.F.T© thing?! We are going to walk through the process in its entirety again to help with that. As I mentioned in “Contain the Piles,” the very first thing you do is gather all of your incoming paper each day and put it in a vertical holding container.

From there, schedule some time in your week that you can R.A.F.T© through it…

  • R = Read. All items that are leisurely reading go into one container…or two containers, but they are specifically for Reading.


F = File

Are you ready to love your filing cabinet and the papers inside?!

Okay, maybe that is a little extreme, but the reality is that you CAN have a filing system in place that will change your relationship with paper. You CAN enjoy handling, filing and retrieving papers. Thanks to the magnificent Seth Odam and his brilliant creation FreedomFiler. FreedomFiler is the only all-encompassing, self-purging filing system. Do you need even more reason than that?!


  • It contains everything from your daily action file labels, to your monthly files, your taxes, your vital records, your contracts and your reference information.


Simplifying PROJECTS

One PROJECT at a time…

Constantly telling yourself “I have to get through with this clutter and get organized” is stressful.  Here are TWO SIMPLE TIPS that could empower you to get the projects done!

ONE – Choose only one project per season

– For each season, choose one clutter clearing or organizing project and just do that one.  There is a different energy for each of the seasons and aligning with that helps tremendously. When you are finished, your only job is to enjoy the rest of the season by creating something new, spending time with loved ones, taking a class or just taking in the extra space to breathe.

Here are some examples: