Are you ready to love your filing cabinet and the papers inside?!

Okay, maybe that is a little extreme, but the reality is that you CAN have a filing system in place that will change your relationship with paper. You CAN enjoy handling, filing and retrieving papers. Thanks to the magnificent Seth Odam and his brilliant creation FreedomFiler. FreedomFiler is the only all-encompassing, self-purging filing system. Do you need even more reason than that?!


    • It contains everything from your daily action file labels, to your monthly files, your taxes, your vital records, your contracts and your reference information.

  • Using FreedomFiler gives you time in your life that you normally would be searching through stacks of papers.
  • It truly is simple and once you get the hang of it you don’t have to think about where a paper might be, you go straight to it.


It would take you hundreds of hours and dollars to customize a file system that is this comprehensive.

Seth worked with organizing software in the early 90’s, collaborating with a team that created what became Palm Desktop for Macintosh. He has natural gift and passion for helping people organize their lives. He also spent years studying the human habits involving paper and then developed FreedomFiler. He is the filing expert and he created this expert filing system to change our lives, freeing us from paper. It is the filing system that Marla and Kate use personally and what they implement with clients. Since it is such a new way of approaching and handling paper we will be dedicating a whole week on it, next week. Come back for more juicy information.

Save your self the pain and struggle by getting FreedomFiler today HERE. The FreedomFiler website has tons of additional information and reviews.


Clear & SIMPLE, FreedomFiler


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