One PROJECT at a time…

Constantly telling yourself “I have to get through with this clutter and get organized” is stressful.  Here are TWO SIMPLE TIPS that could empower you to get the projects done!

ONE – Choose only one project per season

– For each season, choose one clutter clearing or organizing project and just do that one.  There is a different energy for each of the seasons and aligning with that helps tremendously. When you are finished, your only job is to enjoy the rest of the season by creating something new, spending time with loved ones, taking a class or just taking in the extra space to breathe.

Here are some examples:

  • Winter – a perfect project is the paper.  Set up your FreedomFiler sytem for the new year and never struggle again.
  • Spring – Clear out and organize your clothes or home closets. Tip – use consistent hangers to get that fabulous effect.
  • Summer – Clear out and organize your car, garage, basement or storage areas. Then go play!
  • Fall – A great project for fall is your holiday supplies and plans.  Or let go of the commitments that no longer serve you.

TWO – Give each weekend it’s own theme!

– For those of you busy people who just can’t imagine only one project for three whole months here is another fabulous tip. For each month choose one weekend for play, one for projects, one for personal choice (each member of the family gets to choose what they want to spend their time doing or not doing) and keep one weekend open.

This is much easier than trying to pack everything into each and every weekend.

So here is our summary written in the Clear & SIMPLE Systems. For each season of 2014 follow the steps:

SEE IT – What project do I want to get done this season that feels easy and best for this time of year?

MAP IT – What weekend will I do this project (put it on your calendar). If you need longer than schedule the time accordingly.  Just don’t make the project so big that it takes all your time to get it done.  Let it get done in 1 or 2 weekends.

DO IT – Get a buddy to help you if it is feels hard.  If you want to do alone than make sure you make it as fun as possible by picking a “high energy” time of the week and day.

To make everything easier use the STACKS system – Sort, Toss, Assign, Contain, Keep It Up and Simplify – when doing your project.  Get the written guide on www.ClearSimple.com and download the systems card.

Let us know what you are choosing for this winter season! Marla Dee, Clear & SIMPLE www.clearsimple.com