A Podcast… Be More Organized & Present

A Podcast… Be More Organized & Present

Create Organizing Habits to Reduce Stress

In this episode of Wellness Wisdom Camille Kennard interviews Marla Dee, Professional Organizer at Clear & Simple Organizing. In today’s world we are bombarded with information & stuff! So there is clutter everywhere – on our phones & computers, desktops & countertops, bedrooms & basements, closets & cupboards… We crave being free of the clutter and fantasize about being organized, but it feels impossible. Marla Dee is here to change that. As a professional organizer for 18 years, Marla has seen the pain!

Living in chaos has an impact on our physical, mental, and emotional health, and our outside environment is often a reflection of what’s going on inside our minds and our lives.

Marla believes that as we clear the clutter in our lives we will be happier, alive, and connected. When we let go of the clutter, we FREE ourselves to possibilities and open space for something new to come in.

Marla will share with us Clear and Simple principles that are the foundation of her work including how to see it, map it, and do it. You can create a vision of how you want things to look, feel, and function. She will help us learn how to simplify and set up habits to be more organized and present. The habits piece includes the “keep it up” step in STACKS (sort, toss, assign, contain, keep it up and simplify). Tune into this episode to learn systems that can help you make shifts in how you care for yourself and your environment.

Marla believes that living organized and clutter free is a skill anyone can learn. What is your clutter costing you? Free yourself of clutter and be present in your life to what matters most! Listen to the podcast

Camille is passionate about supporting people in their health and wellness. Check out her other blogs for inspiration and support.

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Organize Mindfully, join Mark Dillon & Marla Dee!

“Are you ready to organize mindfully?”

Recently Marla shared her journey of the last 15 years helping people around the world clear their clutter and get organized – the Clear & SIMPLE Way.  She knows how overwhelming the clutter and chaos can be.  Join her on the Organize Mindfully Podcast, an educational, inspirational and fun interview with Mark Dillon.

“Imagine being surrounded only by the things you use and that you love.” – Karen Kingston

Early on her path of becoming a professional organizer, this juicy quote struck Marla to her core. She just had to know what it would feel like to live this way. It was instrumental in her business being born and what she desires to help every client achieve in their personal space(s).

“This time with Mark Dillon was inspiring to me.  It is a joy to share with someone so present and deeply caring about his purpose.  Thank you for this gift”  Marla Dee

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