Clutter Clear Your Travel

Time to clear your travel bags!

He who would travel happily

must travel light.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Many of us  long to travel. We want the adventure, the freedom and the escape from our everyday lives. Travel can spark new ideas and connect us with different cultures. But, traveling can be stressful if our stuff and our time is not organized.  We want to help you get organized  so you love your travels large and small.

Where to start is often the dilemma that keeps us stuck and suffering. Let’s start with clutter clearing some of the small stuff. It’s surprising how the little things can drive us crazy on the trip but we forget all about them when we return. Here are three simple options that can be done in an hour or two. This will get you started and keep you from getting lost in the details. Keep in mind we will take you through SEE IT. MAP IT. DO IT.© for your trip,  your luggage and road trips next. Choose one of the following ideas, schedule the time, turn on music and dive in. Have boxes and bags on hand for what is leaving.


Ready for fun? Open all your luggage and pull out the small stuff you have stashed away for future travels. It can be hysterical to see how much you have! Do a quick sort so you can see how many shampoos you actually have 🙂 Be honest about how much you need and toss the rest. It’s ok to even throw some in the trash. We promise no one will suffer.


How many pieces of luggage, backpacks, purses, etc. do you have? How many do you actually use? Why are you holding onto the old pieces that are only gathering up dust? It’s time to let go of the old bags! Haul them out and take an honest look. Keep the bags you love and use. Let go of the others, even if they are in good shape and especially if they are falling apart.


Do you have maps stuffed into file folders, in your car and other areas of your home? Maybe you brought a map home from each one of your travels and now you have a collection. Collect all the maps. How many do you have? Take your time looking through them. You might relive some adventures from your travels. Keep the ones you know you will use in the future and let go of the others. Good Job!

When you are done, take some deep breaths and take in how different you feel. Are you lighter? Are you wanting to take a new trip now?


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Tools for Easy Travel: Bags & More

Travel goods make travel easy!

You know that organizers can be obsessed with containers and bags.  But when it comes to travel, having the right containers makes a huge difference.  I want to share some of my favorite items and places to shop for the best selection of travel bags and more.

Note – Make sure to check out The Container Store’s short tips & videos for ideas to help you stay organized for travel.

1 – The Perfect Bag makes all the difference. You will need your roll on case but back packs are becoming very popular now for shorter travel. Check out this blog on Travel & Leisure for the best checked luggage.

I really like the Eagle Creek luggage. It is equipped with the 4 wheels for easy moving and great compartments and extra features. Eagle Creek has been around for a long time. The quality and warranty are excellent.

I’ve also come across a new line of luggage called Biaggi. Biaggi has travel bags that have zippers to enlarge or condense the size and can easily pack up into a small cube for storage.  You can find both brands at The Container Store.


And, of course, there are the classic bags which cost more but they are fabulous! Since, I am traveling a lot more these days, I just updated my bags to a gorgeous Tumi set. I also recommend Briggs & Riley for high quality.

2 – Create your body care set with all your body essentials. By having these all ready to go, you will save time and have less stress both before and on your trip. Then, take 3 minutes when you get home to refill the containers so you are ready for the next trip.

Here is a link to the page full of containers.  Clear & Simple’s favorite are the GoToobs.

3 – Another of my all-time favorites is the Eagle Creek Pack-it Folders. These cubes make it easy to pack your items, keep everything neatly together. Then I love how easy it is to lay them out (in a drawer or on a shelf) wherever I am staying so I have easy access.

4 – Don’t forget about your technology!  You spent money on your tech stuff so you want to protect it. You also want easy access. You can find some great options here.  A couple of my favorites are:

I hope these items and tips help you have a fun-filled and easy summer of travel! Stay tuned for a blog & video coming up where I will be showing all my travel gear.
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