Organize Your Vital Docs Workshop 08/25


Get your estate in order including your digital world. Most of us don’t like talking about death, let alone planning for it. However, having your affairs in order provides peace for you and your loved ones now and allows for a more present, grieving process for everyone when you pass.


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Saturday, August 25th | 12:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Location: Clear & SIMPLE Office | 4973 S. State St, Suite 200, Murray UT 84107

Are you avoiding thinking about getting your vital docs in order and planning overwhelmed with thinking about

It is overwhelming to think about dying and all that needs to be done to get your affairs in order. And have you even thought about the fact that this day and age you need to have a digital estate plan?!

We created this workshop because we know how overwhelming this can all be and we have both personally experienced the contrast between when someone has everything dialed out with their estate planning and final wishes versus when they do not.

In this workshop, you will get:

– A checklist of all of the things to get done
– Resources you may contact to help you get it done
– Presence and grounding from Marla and Kate to reassure you that you {can} get it done

We will also have time during the workshop to being the process of setting up your digital estate plan!

This workshop will change your life so bring your partner or a friend!

Marla & Kate