Are you ready for a simple, self-purging filing system?

The Best Paper System

With the right-fit systems you can have a filing system in place that will change your relationship with paper. FreedomFiler is the only all-encompassing, self-purging filing system.
Do you need even more reason than that?!

The Kit

FreedomFiler contains over 800 pre-printed labels as well as blank ones to create your personal system. The labels cover everything from your daily actions, to your monthly files, your taxes, your vital records, your contracts and your reference information.

The Freedom

Using FreedomFiler gives you time in your life that you normally would be searching through stacks of papers.

The Power

You can move from “paper pain” to “paper power” and enjoy handling, filing and retrieving papers. It truly is simple and once you get the hang of it you don’t have to think about where a paper might be, you go straight to it.

Set Up Your System

The following are the main components you will want to get to set up a strong foundational system.

FreedomFiler Kit

Pick the right-fit for your needs

Reinforced Hanging Folders

Pick the right-fit for your needs, but we suggest all one color…that you love.

Desktop File Container

Again, pick one you love. Google “Desktop File” for all kinds.

Learn the System

If you want to get expert training in the FreedomFiler System, check out Marla Dee’s Virtual Training that you can do right from your own space.

Per Your Schedule
With Marla Dee








FreedomFiler Training

Welcome to an in-depth training of FreedomFiler, the world’s best all encompassing, self purging filing system for home or small business. Paper & Digital Pain is the number one need in the Organizing Industry. If you want to help your clients in a powerful way consider getting trained and certified.

FreedomFiler and iRAFT

FreedomFiler is the system we use under the “File” Step in our iRAFT© System.
When drowning in a sea of papers or information, iRAFT© will keep you afloat.

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