The 3 step foundation system to get organized!

When we are confronted with all the stuff in our space, organizing can feel overwhelming! We don’t even know where to start. Marla Dee defines clutter as “delayed decision or holding onto the past.” The stuff seems to pile up because there are just too many decisions to make. So we need a simple place to start. Try this three step system for any project of any size. For more details get the C&S Steps card here.

Take the 3 steps in order

SEE IT – What’s working, what’s not working and why?

The first step is SEE IT.©, which stands for take a look at where you’ve been. Before you dive into touching the stuff, take 5 minutes to answer the questions what’s working, what’s not working and why?

MAP IT – How do I want my space to look, feel and function?

The second step is MAP IT.©, which stands for make a plan for what you want. This can seem overwhelming also. To make this step simple write how you want your space/project to look, feel and function when you’re done.

DO IT – STACKS. Sort, Toss, Assign, Contain, Keep it up, Simplify

The third step is DO IT.©, which stands for take the steps to get it done. For this step, try out the Action System of STACKS. Now that you are touching the stuff, the project gets crazy. The power of STACKS is taking one step at a time.You do this by asking one question and making only one decision at a time. Go here for more on STACKS.

Get the Clear & SIMPLE STEPS CARD and more here

CS Steps Card, See It. Map It. Do It.

Our TIP, TOOL & TRUTH for Photo Organizing.

Did you know that 10 billion pictures are taken every single month? Why?
We. Take. Pictures. Of. Everything.

The result is photo chaos. Photos accumulate on our phones, in the cloud, on hard drives, or on old computers. And we are still storing precious film photos in shoeboxes, hiding the memories that shaped who we are today. We no longer have an accessible, tangible reminder to share with others. Our stories, our traditions, our history are being lost because we have no time-managed photo organizing System. – From the APPO (Association of Personal Photo Organizers)

We have tackled our photo clutter and LOVE the feeling of joy and freedom that comes from getting this vital project done.  We want to help you experience this as well.

TIP – Get all your photos saved in more than one place.

If you have precious photos that are printed, hold onto them, but get them scanned for save keeping. For all others, get them backed up in 3 places. This could include your computer, a hard drive and one cloud storage. You want one backup in a place outside your home or office.

TOOL – Get the tools to showcase, store and enjoy your photos.

Choose your favorite resource to get the precious photos scanned and printed into books. There are lower cost options such as Costco and Wal-Mart or others like Mixbook, Snapfish, and Shutterfly. This industry is growing so take time to look for what works best for you. You can also put all the pictures on a drive and play on your Apple TV!

TRUTH – You deserve to have help!

All organizing jobs are easier and more fun when you get help from a friend or professional organizer. The reason we love photos is because of the stories. This project is most meaningful when shared with others. You will also be amazed how much faster it goes.

We would LOVE to have you join us at our August 19th LIVE workshop to meet the experts and see all our tips in action. You even get to bring 25 treasure photos and have them scanned onsite. clearsimple.com/photoworkshop


Re: APPO – Did you know there is an Association of Personal Photo Organizers? This group is trained to make all the levels of your photo project easier for you. Check out their website at www.appo.org or their blogs on www.thephotoorganizers.com You will love all their information. You can also get help on other resources. Get more about APPO on our blog www.clearsimple.com/photoabcs.