The ART of Letting Go

Letting go is not a simple act that just anyone can do anytime, but rather a journey. It’s an art, an understanding, and a way of interacting with the world. Built upon trust and on co-creating with the universe it opens us up to freedom, which means you must want freedom.

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In today’s world we are bombarded with information & stuff! So there is clutter everywhere – on our phones & computers, desktops & countertops, bedrooms & basements, closets & cupboards… We crave being free of the clutter and fantasize about being organized but it feels impossible.

The ART of Letting Go focuses on the gift of letting go of clutter rather than the shame of having clutter. When you let go of the old, you create space for the new. It’s time to create space for miracles!

Marla Dee, The ART of Letting Go eBook

Free your space, your day and your life!

The first step in ART is Acceptance.

The first step in letting go is accepting the story your clutter tells. All clutter tells a story and everyone has it somewhere. Acceptance of clutter’s inevitability in our human journey is the beginning.Your environment is simply a reflection of your life up until now, a reflection of what’s happened to you and what’s going on inside you.

There’s no shame or blame in looking at this picture; that would only keep you in the role of a victim. In order to step into the change and growth, you must be willing to open your eyes and see it. There is no healthy payoff in focusing on the clutter itself, on staying locked up in guilt—not for you or for others. However, great power is yours when you accept that you are the creator of your life and of your environment. Your old things, your old patterns, your old relationships reflect who you have been and what you have built or what you have avoided—it is YOUR PAST! By accepting the full story in front of you, you can step into present time.

“Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today.”  Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book

The second step in ART is Release.

After you have accepted where you are in present time, you are free to let go of what is getting in your way of moving forward. Now it is time to release the old, the block, and the struggle. Whereas the acceptance step is a breathing in and receiving of air, new life, and oxygen, the release is a long exhale, a way to let go and release back to the Universe what your body no longer needs. It can be that simple.

Sometimes life is about surrender. Sometimes, holding on, trying harder, effort, pushing, or struggles are not the answers. How long can you hold your breath before you hurt your health?  In the same way, bodies and creative energies can be damaged after holding on to stuff for too long. Sometimes it is just time to let go.

I say, start with the willingness to surrender. Take a deep breath and exhale. What are you ready to let go of right now? I want you to know how much I respect the energy of the release.

The third step in ART is Trust.

After Acceptance and Release comes the last step on your journey of freedom from clutter… Trust! This is the most important element in clutter clearing. Trust is what will give you peace as you let go of the past time stuff.  Trust is what will keep the stuff from coming back in. Trust is what will help you create a new pattern.  Trust brings true freedom.

You know what fear feels like in your body.  You grip up, hold on, get anxious and have a hard time taking a deep breath.  It is impossible to let go or make a concious choice when in this state.  Fear creates patterns of holding on like the just in case syndrome, procrastination, it will be too hard to take too long, and more.

You also know what trust feels like in your body.  You are relaxed, can breathe easily, peaceful, open, content and clear.  When in this state decision making is so much easier.


Lori Hildebrand

Lori Hildebrand

Business Strategist

“I will always see Marla, her systems and her team as my own Fairy Godmother!”
Marilyn Sorensen

Marilyn Sorensen

Soul Coach

“My clutter clearing with Marla began in my home office and led to a life in Africa..”
Heidi Totten

Heidi Totten

Marketing & Humanitarian

“In desperation, I called Marla for help and my home and family life have been transformed.”

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