Simplify Choices…

Taking responsiblity for my choices takes courage.

The impetus of all human behavior is the yearning for freedom. Freedom is to be at-choice in every condition or circumstance.

Most of humanity is rearely at-choice: we simply repeat the old reaction patterns. This is not choice at all, this is unconciousness.

You see, choice implies awareness. Increasing our awareness imporves our choices, which in turn determines our freedom.

Otis Woodard | www.adept.global

Reclaim the power of personal choice. A simpler life begins with awareness of my power to choose. Do I acknowledge that my life today is my creation? Am I willing to be accountable for past choices and their affect on my life? By answering yes, I am set free! I am empowered to make a new choice, to make any choice. I come to know that my current choice will affect all things from this point forward. I get to choose the direction I wish to go. Simple, yet huge. It helps me understand why I distract myself or play the victim and want to make someone or something else responsible for my choices. Taking responsibility for my choices takes courage.

Simplify Choices PDF

Years ago, I attended a weekend retreat, led by a modern-day warrior, Otis Woodard. Otis cuts through the layers of self deception to help others reclaim the power of choice. The retreat was entitled Clearing the Past and I went there with a specific intent. Within hours I created the perfect excuse to run or to face my old way. I was paralyzed knowing that I didn’t want to run, yet feeling the strong pull of my past pattern (my old choices) tugging at me. I chose to stay. I am grateful for this gift to myself. By being accountable for my choice I got to learn and change my direction. I learned I am not my emotions or my mind talk. I let them come up and move through me. I then chose to let them go and settle into my heart. My heart is wise. My heart is my center and can always guide me. I heard stay, listen and open. This one choice changed the direction of my life.

What choice lies in front of you today that you have been procrastinating or avoiding? Are you willing to look at the message the universe is offering you? All choices in your life become simpler when you take accountability for making them.

Guidelines for making clear choices.

  • Which choice is life supportive?
  • Which choice grows me?
  • Which choice feels right in my gut?
  • Which choice opens my heart?
  • Which choice brings me peace?
  • Which choice reflects my truth?
  • Which choice takes me to the next step?
  • Which choice deepens love and connection?

Choose to reclaim your power by embracing the choices in front of you. You can keep it simple by starting with one. What is a daily choice that would support the direction you want to grow? Today I choose to take my morning walk. Today I choose to call a friend. Today I choose to eat a healthy lunch. What will you choose to do?

Simplify Choices PDF


Your Guide, Marla Dee.

I love teaching the Clear & Simple Way to live free of clutter and get organized at last.

Simplify Change…

Change has the power to destroy or transform us

An old saying:

There is no pain in change. There is no pain in growth.

There is only pain in resistance to change and resistance to growth.


We live in complicated times where change is happening faster than we can handle. Our bodies, minds and hearts are bombarded constantly. Simplifying the effects that changes bring can help us navigate the fast waters.

Simplify Change PDF

Why do I resist change? It is all around me. It is inside me. It is constant. It is life. But, my body doesn’t know what’s coming and anxiety takes over. So I cling to the old, the comfortable. I keep doing the same daily routine, using the same excuse or the old tool, long after the growth is gone. Would a plant resist pushing through the soil and reaching for the sun?  Would it struggle to make itself different than its makeup? Would it expect other plants to go against their nature? Would it say to the earth, stop growing me now, I’ve done enough? No, the plant would adjust to the elements and change. Am I different? Am I different from the rest of nature? Even with all my human intricacies, I am still a body on the earth plane. My body carries a genetic plan of growth. My soul carries its karmic plan of growth. I can resist this or surrender to the ecstasy of living it.

In my business, as a professional organizer, I am a guide for change. I see people struggle with it daily. I see the cost of resistance. I am there to support them in the new. My greatest joy is seeing them open up to change and then transform. The manage to make it through the muck and emerge. Yet in my personal life I have been stuck. I have carried a belief that change meant struggle. Years ago, a friend kept looking me in the eye and saying “change is good, change is good, change is good“. I spent many months saying this out loud as I let go of my old block. Today I can laugh at my resistance. Today I trust change. I embrace change. I can even enjoy it. I am grateful for this change in my belief. Remember, a miracle is simply a shift in perception.

Are you open to a simple shift in your understanding of change? Rather than focusing on the unknown, start with simple acceptance of what is. Let your body and your mind accept the present moment. Then simply be willing to change. You can trust in the natural process. Believe me, life will give you what you need next. You don’t have to figure it out first.

Acceptance, Release, Trust. Choose a mantra to help you today.

  • I accept myself, with that I accept my life as it is today.
  • I accept that I will change today. I accept one change today.
  • I accept that anything around me could change today.
  • I release the need to control what’s coming.
  • I release struggle and find joy in change today.
  • I release the old way or old stuff.
  • I trust change. I can start with a small one and build up.
  • I trust the gift that change brings. I trust life. 

Now focus on the gift. Let the universe bring in something or someone new, something that has the power to grow you in this moment. Then accept the gift. Change will be simpler if you just let it unfold.

Simplify Change PDF


Your Guide, Marla Dee.

I love teaching the Clear & Simple Way to live free of clutter and get organized at last.

Organize Your Paper

Are you drowning in a sea of paper? Are the piles taking over your space and your life?

Do  you remember when getting a letter in the mail was a treat? The purpose of paper and information is connection, education, growth, creativity and productivity. Sadly, we have lost touch with this pupose due to the overwhelm. We need help. We need systems to handle all the information coming at us every day.

Time to go from Paper Pile Pain to Paper Power!

Marla Dee

SEE IT. MAP IT. DO IT.© is the 3-step organizing system that works for all the areas of your space and life. Let’s use it to change the paper pain to paper power!

SEE IT. MAP IT. DO IT.© For Your Paper Guide

SEE IT – Take a look at where you’ve been and where you are now. Do your best to be neutral and take the observer viewpoint while exploring below:

  • Go around your space and take pictures of all the paper piles. Then look at the pictures – what do you see?
  • Tap into your emotions and write the story your paper clutter tells.
  • Take time to write what’s working. You can be specific or general.
  • Is your active paper separate from your older papers? Or mixed up.
  • What isn’t working? Where are you stuck and why?
  • What is stressing you the most about your paper pain?
  • Are you holding onto outdated ways of handling paper?

MAP IT – Make a written plan for what you want. Think about the big picture and overall goals with the paper. You can work out the details later.

  • Write how your space will look and feel when you have the right homes and habits in place for handling all of the paper that comes in.
  • Create an online board of images that reflect what you want most.
  • Create a mind map showing the elements of your ideal area and systems.
  • Now take some time to write a new story. How do you want to feel when handling your paper? How might you be open to a different way (i.e. having less paper, using simplified systems, getting help)?

DO IT – Take the steps to make it happen. The DO IT step is loaded because you are now touching all the paper. We will introduce you to the subsystems of iRAFT© for the active paper and S.T.A.C.K.S.© for all the rest. Get help from a professional organizer if needed!

  • Gather and start with your active paper before the older stuff. This would be your most recent piles of incoming paper and mail, bills to be paid, and such. You will use the system of iRAFT© for these papers. iRAFT© stands for incoming, Read, Action, File and Toss. You will want detailed guidance on each step of this system. Get everything at www.clearsimple.com/iRAFT.
  • After you get your active paper organized, you can tackle your older paper and files. Time for the S.T.A.C.K.S.© System that guides you through each step. www.clearsimple.com/systems. You will also want to consider the FreedomFiler System for all your filing needs! www.clearsimple.com/freedomfiler
  • Once you complete your active paper, take time to celebrate.

SEE IT. MAP IT. DO IT.© For Your Paper Guide

Your Guide, Marla Dee.

I love teaching the Clear & Simple Way to live free of clutter and get organized at last.

Clutter Clear Your Paper

Here are 3 simple ways to start that can be done in under an hour!

Are the paper piles taking over your space and your life?

Getting in control of your paper begins with clearing the clutter.

Start with your purse or wallet, the kitchen counter, or your desktop.

Marla Dee

If you were looking at your desk right now, would you be ready to work or overwhelmed by the chaos? What if you were looking at your kitchen counter? Are the paper piles taking over? For some mysterious reason, paper lands in every nook and cranny of our homes and offices.  You will find it on the kitchen table, the bedroom dresser, top of the washer, in the bathroom, piled high on desktops and all horizontal surfaces across the nation. Never before in mankind’s history have we had this much information coming at us. 

I want to offer some simple places to start since this project can feel huge. This starts you clearing without getting lost in the details. Keep in mind we will take you through SEE IT. MAP IT. DO IT. PAPER next. Choose one of the following ideas, schedule the time, turn on music and dive in. Have boxes and bags on hand for goes elsewhere, shred, trash, and goes to someone else.


Set your timer for one hour and journey around your home or office gathering all the garbage paper such as old receipts, junk mail, out-dated papers, etc. Keep in mind that you are only going after the obvious and easy stuff. If you have to stop and think about it, then wait. You can also clear your purse or wallet. You are only doing one hour but you might be surprised and amused by how much goes away.


Gather all the paper on your kitchen counter and sort into 4 smaller piles labeled Read, Action, File or Toss (you will learn more about this later). Do I want to read it, take action on it, need to file it or just toss it? Move the read and actions piles to their own container and location, the filing to your file drawers and toss into shred  or trash. Lastly, find a beautiful container to live on the kitchen counter for the future incoming.


Follow the guidance given above for sorting into R.A.F.T. Keep in mind that you are only sorting and don’t get sidetracked by trying to take the actions involved with the paper. Also, you will most likely find many papers and items that don’t even belong on your desk. Take the time now to remove them. It is ok to have open space left as you do need an area to work off of.

When you are done, take some deep breaths and notice how different the area you worked with feels. It can be fun to take pictures of all the stuff leaving. Let yourself take in the change and celebrate what you have done. 

Now enjoy fixing food at your kitchen counter and actually working at your desk!

SEE IT. MAP IT. DO IT.© Paper Guide

iRAFT© Paper Guide

Your Guide Marla Dee. 

I love teaching the Clear & Simple Way to live free of clutter and get organized at last.