Our Best Organizing Tip – Get a Trusted FRIEND!

Everything is more fun with a trusted friend – especially organizing!

Let’s face it – most things are more fun when done with a friend – shopping, movies, dining, hiking, travel, and hobbies. What is it about organizing that makes us think we have to suffer, have to force ourselves to get it done? It is always on the list but typically the last thing we want to do on the weekend, right? There seems to be shame around letting our friends see our chaos. And yet inviting someone to help is a powerful solution!

This is our best tip for making organizing fun & freeing! Invite a friend to do it with you. Let go of the fear and embarrassment of your friends seeing the chaos and open up to a transformative experience. We have seen hundreds of people be set free when they let themselves receive help from an organizer, a friend or family member.

From Marla – “I just experienced this in a POWERFUL WAY. I got to spend 8 days with a long time friend who had recently lost her husband. Together we got through the garage, project room, closets, finances and more. We told stories, laughed and cried, moved stuff, cleaned and cleared. In 8 days together, we freed her from the blockage and buildup so she could move forward with her life. Because we loved our time so much, we decided to do this every year for each other.  This kind of teamwork is life changing.”

The important elements are:
    • Pick someone safe who won’t judge you.
    • Do the project in small pieces of 2-3 hours
    • Make it fun by playing music or having snacks
    • Try taking turns and helping each other
    • Choose someone that supports you making a change

The last few weeks we have given your our Top Tips for Spring Organizing. By combining these tips with the support of a trusted partner, you WILL experience joy and wonderful results.

Even as professional organizers we often invite other organizers to support us with our projects. It’s very different to work with our own things (vs. someone else’s) since we have to face our own attachments, emotions and stories. Our Utah Professional Organizers Group even chose to buddy up this year for our service project and we were all sold on the power of getting support from a trusted person.

Find a friend and help each other. You deserve it! And don’t forget to use The Clear & SIMPLE Systems of SEE IT. MAP IT. DO IT. & S.T.A.C.K.S. © to help with where to start, what to do and how to keep it up.

Set yourself free! Marla, Kate & Team

Clear & SIMPLE, Top 10 Spring Tips


Revitalize and Organize for Spring

Harness the last of the spring energy before summer hits!

You know how contagious spring energy can be. It hits your body and you feel compelled to start clearing your space, go buy cool containers and somehow bring your space to life. You want to mirror what is happening outside and bring it inside. We believe that each season has it’s own energy and tapping into that makes organizing easier.

To help you really enjoy this Spring, we are sharing our top ten organizing tips throughout the month. Read our Pretty & Practical Tips, our Simple Spring Organizing Rituals, and get a printable version of all of our TOP TEN TIPS for Spring.

This week is about the Personal Touch:

2. You get to choose what stays and what goes!

This is your space, this is your life, this is your choice, and your responsibility. There is a gift if you claim your personal power and make your space what you really want. Start with one room and ask – how do you want it to look, feel and function? Take out everything that doesn’t align with YOU! Then have fun making changes like adding color, or a new plant, a sweet bookshelf, or soft rug. Create a room that you love being in!

The challenge here is that only YOU can make the decisions about your stuff. Don’t leave clutter clearing your home for your children, your friends or strangers to deal with. Get honest and ask the tough question – if you were gone from this life tomorrow, what would you be leaving behind for your loved ones?  Start with one room again and bring it into alignment with your present time life.

Download our FREE eBook – The ART of Letting Go for help. ART stands for Acceptance, Release & Trust. This sweet book by Marla Dee also lists our favorite resources and experts to help you let go.

7. Refresh Your Clothes Closet

Spring is the best season for clearing out the clothes closet. Here are two personal tips for this personal area that gets a lot of use. First, we suggest getting real by trying EVERYTHING on your body and asking, “Is this me?” Be prepared to laugh and cry. Make it a party and do this with a friend. You will actually be able to release the clothes much easier than if you just look at them on the hanger. A great resource for radically simplifying your wardrobe is Project 333 by Courtney Carver.

Second, choose hanger heaven rather than hanger hell by simply getting the same color and material. This is the easiest and cheapest closet transformation. Choose one color and get the different types you need in that color. The body and brain go to color first. You will be amazed at the difference.

Get a printable version of all of Our TOP TEN TIPS for Spring.

We would love to hear your stories. Please share this with anyone in your life that would enjoy and benefit.

Marla, Kate & Team

Clear & SIMPLE, Top 10 Spring Tips

Simple Spring Organizing Rituals

Bring the sweet energy of spring into your space!

Ritual is a great way to anchor your intentions. It helps you to massage and soften and release tough holding patterns and bring to conscious reality the longs of your heartStephanie Bennett Vogt

To help you really enjoy this Spring, we are sharing our top ten organizing tips throughout the month. Get a printable version of all of our TOP TEN TIPS for Spring.

This week is about simple rituals to embrace spring:

*Guest Message – The One Minute Clearing Exercise from Stephanie Bennett Vogt. 

Try this unbelievably simple, yet profound practice of only one minute a day for seven days. You will have a shift in your space and in your being. Click here for the video and feel spring energy move into your own body.

Clear & SIMPLE’s Tips on ritual…

1. Invite fresh, clean energy into your space.

On a warm, sunny day, open up your windows and doors, turn on some music and let the freshness of spring flow through your space. This helps move the stagnant winter energy to rejuvenate all the moving molecules. Then let yourself enjoy the new energy and what you are inspired to do throughout the day.

8. Dig in the dirt – or simply plant one pot.

Ahh, the yummy feeling of dirt in your hands – dry, rough, wet, packed, smooth – so many sensations just waiting for you. Spring is the time to let your inner child go outside, get your hands dirty and connect with the earth. For those of you that love gardening, you know how healing this time is. Give yourself permission to put earth time first and love every minute.

If gardening isn’t really your thing or you don’t have the time, just pick out one cool pot, find an already created flower arrangement and plop it in. Place it on your porch, where you can enjoy the beauty every day when you arrive home.

Remember that SEE IT. MAP IT. DO IT. © work for projects like planning a garden.

Get a printable version of all of Our TOP TEN TIPS for Spring.

Remember Spring is about new life – so open up to the sweetness of a new day. We would love to hear from you anytime. Marla, Kate & Team

Clear & SIMPLE, Top 10 Spring Tips




Pretty & Practical Spring Organizing Tips

The Energy of Spring is contagious!

New life and fresh ideas abound. The urge to create has been building all winter long. Sadly, it can also be overwhelming because of all the fun choices. Just imagine taking a trip down to the local gardens and gazing at the abundance of flowers. Where do you start?

To help you really enjoy this Spring, we are sharing our top ten organizing tips throughout the month. Get a printable version of all of our TOP TEN TIPS for Spring.

This week is about the Practical & Pretty:

3. Keep it simple by choosing one project for the season.

It can be overwhelming to think about all the clutter clearing and organizing projects in your home, which can block you from ever starting. So begin with choosing just ONE project for each season and over time your space will be transformed. Also, each season has it’s own feel.

Spring is the perfect time to transform your closet, garage or craft area.

Remember to write a vision of what you want to create before you dive in (the MAP IT Step).

6. Get inspired and bring in new life with bright colors.

How often have you caught your breath at the sight of a flowerbed in full bloom? Just like the blossoming flowers, bright containers make us happy. Our brain and bodies react to color first. So make your space or project one you will love to spend time in with bright, fun colors!
To find containers for all areas of your home in gorgeous colors, we love & recommend The Container Store!!
Share your stories and photos on social media, #TheCSWay. We LOVE hearing from you!
Marla, Kate & Team

Clear & SIMPLE, Top 10 Spring Tips