We are totally serious. Which is it for you?

The easiest and cheapest closet transformation is having the same hangers – at least the same color!!  Yet, we work with hundreds of clients (some of which have very expensive closets and clothes) who have the hanger hell scenario. We see all different colors and types hanging from the rods and the client wonders why their closet feels so disorganized.

TIP – Your brain goes to color FIRSTClear & SIMPLE, Hanger Chaos

Maybe you’ve never thought about it or consciously noticed how disheveled you feel as a result of mismatched hangers. The reality is that your brain goes to color first and then type. So if your clothes are on hangers of many different colors it is even harder to make a clear choice.

Or you can experience the sense of peace and order every time you look in your closet. Having consistent hangers makes it easier than ever to make your clothing choice!


By now you all know we love The Container Store! Have you seen their incredible hanger selection?? Why not go to one store and choose a hanger you really love?! Seriously, they have entire walls filled withClear & SIMPLE, Container Store Hangers

  • every type
  • every color
  • every size
  • and for every age.


One favorite of our clients is the Huggable Suit Hanger.

Clear & SIMPLE, Huggable Hangers

You better believe that we are in Hanger Heaven in our personal closets. Marla loves the white wood while Kate’s prefers the purple plastic.

Creating peace & clarity one closet at a time,

Marla, Kate & Team




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