Your VISION is waiting for you…

There is a big difference between having goals and having a Vision! A vision is inspiring and calls you to action.  This is different from a list of goals which can feel dry, heavy and stressful. Why not choose now what you want most for 2014 and make it easy for the Universe to support you.

To keep this simple I will offer three ideas that can be done in mere minutes!

1 – Choose a word for the year.  My word for 2014 is OPEN.

2 – Write an I AM statement for the year.  Mine is “I am helping 10,000 families clear their clutter and create beauty and order.”

3 – Just answer the following 3 questions and trust what comes to you easily.  I am sharing some of my personal answers below.

What brings me joy?

  • Listening to music
  • Watching my daughter dance
  • Co-creating with others

What supports me?

  • Getting a hug (and giving a hug)
  • Working with my man Bob
  • A written plan for my day

What activity makes me feel powerful?

  • Speaking to people about clutter clearing & organizing
  • Going for long walks and being in nature
  • My morning power hour (time journaling, meditating and  asking for direction)

The next step is to take your responses and weave them into one paragraph that can serve as your vision for this next year.  Let this be the beginning or maybe all you need.  Here is part of mine.

“This year I welcome a deeper joy and sense of purpose. I start each day in my meditation chair connecting with the earth and with spirit.  I receive direction on how I can truly serve others and use my simple systems to make things happen easily.  I also love my movement time every day and my weekly long walk. My wonderful man Bob and I are really there for each other and I treasure having his strength at my side. I am having a blast spending time with my kids, my grandson and my siblings.  We are having a big family reunion in Oregon this summer. I am helping 10,000 families clear the clutter and create beauty and order.  I am grateful to help 1000 organizers start their own amazing organizing business and giving them everything they need to succeed.  Lastly, I am thrilled to take a trip outside the U.S. for the first time in my life.  I am going to London to speak to the APDO (UK Association of Professional Declutterers and Organizers).  I am grateful to spend each day with people I love, doing work that I love and opening to receive all the love that is around me” – Marla Dee

The choices above take you through the SEE IT & MAP IT Steps.  Your DO IT step is to say your Vision out loud each and every day. Then notice what happens. Please share with me anything that comes up for you in creating your personal vision for this year. I want to be your witness.  Your life matters and your vision is waiting.

Marla Dee, Creator of the Clear & SIMPLE Way | www.clearsimple.com

NOTE – my favorite tool for creating the Ultimate Vision is “Ideal Life Vision”  Go to www.ideallifevision.com/clearsimple