It takes curiosity and courage to ask the question – What if I were free?

What if I was free from the stuff, people and expectations that drag me down? Often I buy into the idea that I am trapped by my schedule, my business, my family, others expectations, and then there’s the physical stuff that keeps coming at me.  Yikes, how could I possibly be free? We live in an abundant world with its own form of trappings.

Here is what I have to say – If I were free…

  • I would take it easy today.
  • I would let myself just enjoy what I am doing right now.
  • I would be softer and more open.
  • I would see magic more in sweet moments.
  • I would feel gratitude for the variety of things that come my way.

I have been sitting with this question for a couple of weeks now.  It was sparked by the fabulous INQUIRY CARDS, created by Sylvia Nibley.  This deck opens you up to the answers that are already inside you.



So let’s go a little deeper.

What is ONE thing you would do differently today if you were free?

Get brave, go deep, trust your gut.

My answer – I would let myself thoroughly enjoy writing this blog.  Rather than focusing on the long list of other things I want to do today, I would be fully present right here, only here, right now! OMG – this has been so much fun.  I am going to do this more.

PLEASE share with me what comes to you!

Marla Dee, Creator of the Clear & SIMPLE Way to get & stay organized!

You can find the INQUIRY CARDS here on www.inquirycards.com – or go to our resource page and look for Sylvia Nibley www.clearsimple.com/resources