Clear & SIMPLE is shining a bright new light!

It is with deep appreciation, joy and amazement that we announce our NEW BRAND & WEBSITE.  Special thanks go to Sharon Benedict, Jeanine Mallory, Ann Webb, Sylvia Nibley, Cat Fishman, Rebecca Servoss and new partner in creation – Kate Fehr!

Everyday we witness the pain of people buried in chaos, clutter and overwhelm.  Our desire is to give hope. We are here to inspire you to clear the clutter of your past and get organized at last!

We help you get organized by teaching the skill. We support you in staying organized with the best systems, tools and tips!  Please talk to us anytime and let us know what you need, what you want, and what you hope for.

Get the gift of our best & favorite TIPS, TOOLS & EXPERTS here –   www.clearsimple.com/resources

Marla Dee, Kate Fehr and the C&S Team