The FREEDOM of one bag, one book, one purse, one list, one purpose! One is enough.

Time to take a trip! Whether it is just you or a group, juggling all the stuff can be overwhelming. Why do we buy into the belief that more is better? When traveling, this outdated idea only causes trouble.

We are inviting you to experience the freedom that comes from choosing just ONE!

  • Decide on one suitcase that is just the right size to hold your essentials and no more.
  • Packing this suitcase will be easier if you have one toiletries bag
  • one light jacket that can double as a blanket on the plane
  • one pair of shoes packed and one on your feet
  • one carry on purse (or case) works better with
  • only one book to read
  • one snack to get you through
  • one list for each trip (read our blog about Wunderlist)
  • For the truly daring, how about one pair of earrings
  • one piece of technology like your smart phone
  • one chosen place or person to visit


I tried this approach on my last trip and I was blown away at how much simpler EVERYTHING was! I had one perfect size suitcase, one over the shoulder  purse, one book, one notebook, my iPhone, one list, and one friend to visit.

And I felt so much more relaxed and present in each moment. I am hooked on this idea – Marla Dee