What are we supposed to do when “traveling with less” just isn’t in the cards?

Last week I was preparing for a road trip back home to Salt Lake for two weeks, including a 4-day camping excursion. As I Mind Mapped packing the car for 3 people & one sweet little rat, the list began to get pretty long.

  • Myself – suitcase, camping bag, mobile office
  • My man – suitcase, camping bag, mobile office
  • Son – suitcase, camping bag
  • Family Pet “Remy” – food, bedding, treats, cage
  • Travel cooler – lunch, snacks, water
  • Camping gear – tent, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, cooler, chairs, large bin full of smaller items

Needless to say I knew that the car was going to be FULL, but there was not much I could do about that. So I used the Clear & SIMPLE Systems SEE IT. MAP IT. DO IT. and S.T.A.C.K.S.© to ensure organization and peace throughout the process. Many times in life this is reality, which is why our systems are not just designed to clear excess, unsupportive stuff, but also to “MAP” and “Simplify.”

Along with using Clear & SIMPLE Systems, I did the following to make sure I supported the process as much as possible…

  1. Be realistic about what we actually needed vs. what was desired
  2. Use my MAP to save time and stress and keep things organized
  3. Energetically set the tone. The day before leaving, I took my car to the carwash for a solid vacuuming, washing and drying. Then I went to the gas station for a fill-up and to check the oil level and tire pressure. It makes a huge difference to travel in a car that is clean inside and out.

In the end our car was indeed full! However, everything on my final MAP fit and as we needed things we knew right where to go to get them. The Clear & SIMPLE Systems are so wonderful and I love finding new ways to incorporate them into my life.

For more information click on our Systems, download the PDF below…

Clear & SIMPLE Systems Card