Want to travel simply, but still feel prepared?

After Marla and Kate experienced their first international trip ever and were overwhelmed with too much stuff they wrote about Traveling with Less. Since then they’ve research and practiced even more to get this business of traveling lightly conquered. And wouldn’t you know it, they usually end up having all they need.

Here are their Top 3 Tips…

1. Spend the time & money to complete a toiletry kit that is carry-on approved.

Clear & SIMPLE, Toiletry Kit

Kate’s Toiletry Kit

2. Plan out clothing options that are easy to mix-n-match. Less pieces, more combinations.

3. Let go of the “just in case” items.  This extra 10% is what makes it too much.

We are constantly trying new things out and looking for better solutions. We would love to hear what you’ve learned or come up with to make your trips simple and joyful. Please share with us!

How about a meet-up across the globe?!

Marla, Kate & Team