How would it feel if your closet looked like this?

Quick Tip – Choose just ONE closet, cupboard and drawer for a spring make over!

How much easier would life be if all the items in your cupboards were contained?

Clear & SIMPLE, under-sink Bins

From goodhousekeeping.com

How about your bedside table? What a difference it makes when you use drawer organizers!

Clear & SIMPLE, Bedside Table Drawer Organizer

From realsimple.com

Our DO IT TIP this week:

Start with asking which cupboard, closet or drawer am I ready to tackle?  Then ask what would make it feel FABULOUS and give yourself permission to do just this ONE! 

Let us know what you choose and how it goes. Happy Spring! Marla & Kate

Watch this month as we share our TOP TEN TIPS for Spring! We’ll share the latest & greatest container ideas as well as organizing tips to clear clutter and organize these areas.

Why not try The clear & SIMPLE Way!