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This last year has been all about creating and then clearing, over and over again! We had a blast launching our new brand & website, traveling to London, offering new eBooks and workshops, sharing the Powerful Staying in Business a Decade & Beyond – and so much more.  It all led to creating our own form of chaos. The ladies always touting “Keep it Simple” had to take a long look at why we were making everything complicated. Ha Ha!

We sadly realized that in our frantic efforts to give you so much, we weren’t aligning with our core values – Simple, Joyful, & Soulful.  We are sorry for throwing you more stuff than anyone could handle; more information than connection. In December we took a “time out”.  We spent time clearing our own clutter, opening to sacred conversations, and constantly asking what we MOST want to give you in this New Year?

So, in true Clear & SIMPLE fashion, we’ve gone through SEE IT, MAP IT & DO IT to create a meaningful way to stay connected this year. Since you have signed up to receive content from us we want you to know what it will look like…

Our 2015 THEME – Organizing can be simple & fun!

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  • Monthly Newsletter –  a simple email with a small roundup of the month’s Featured Favorites
  • Spontaneous Blogs & Video’s showcasing our favorite products, tools and solutions


We hope you will join us on the fun journey and please let us know what you want anytime!

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Marla & Kate
Clear & SIMPLE, The New Way