Become a Clear & SIMPLE Certified Organizer™ and an expert in your area!

The Certification Course is 60+ hours of training. It follows The Foundation Course and builds upon what you learned there.  This training brings in depth, application, marketing, branding and time with the experts. Now offered LIVE in Salt Lake City – or – soon offered in Mexico and Seattle area.

Our Professional Organizer Training Program is highly acclaimed and unique in the industry.  It is the only organizer training that has been in place since January of 2003. This trademarked credential as a Clear & SIMPLE Certified™ Organizer | CSCO™ will set you apart as an expert in your field and connect you with a circle of organizers around the world.  The training is taught by Marla Dee and her team of professionals.

Wouldn’t you feel confident as a new organizer and business owner if you had:

  • A methodology that identifies where to start, what to do an how to keep it up
  • A personal coach who is a successful organizer and who cares about your success
  • The forms to use for every type of job and knowledge about how to customize them
  • The time in the field with an expert so you can ask all your burning questions
  • The confidence that only comes from having clear systems in place
  • The simple systems for marketing and making money
  • The best branding guidelines which will save you time and money
  • The knowledge of what it takes to grow and stay in business
  • and lastly, the inspiration to create your business – your way!

What sets Clear & SIMPLE apart from others is the very best SYSTEMS & TOOLS in the industry today! Because we have been training organizers for 11 years we know your needs, your questions and your doubts. Your training includes an in depth manual, expert instruction from Marla Dee, personal coaching, a hand’s on project, forms, and follow up.

Contact us at info@clearsimple.com to get all the juicy details and ask us all your questions.


$4250 for 3 Day LIVE PERSONAL Training Enroll Now!

$4950 for 5 Day LIVE GROUP Training **   Pay Your Deposit!

** Connect with us for dates and more information about the next 5 Day Live Training.

NOTE: – The Foundation Self Study Course (Level 1) is a prerequisite to the Certification Track

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Testimonial From Carol…

“In January 2007, after months of research, I made a life-changing decision to invest in my new business as a professional organizer. I chose the Clear & SIMPLE Certified Organizer Training Program because it offered a three-level approach to support the success and longevity of my business.  Marla Dee has brought together the systems, knowledge, tools and understanding, injected that with her unique philosophy of care, strength and hope, to create a one-of-a-kind experience.  In doing so, Clear & SIMPLE training sets an unrivaled standard for professional organizers seeking their best vehicle to success.”

Carol J. McKenzie, CPO, CSCO, CSCTwww.TheLastDetail.org

CJ@thelastdetail.org | 540-454-1124

Carol McK


Hear from Marla Dee as she walks you through Staying in Business a Decade & Beyond!

Clear & SIMPLE, Staying in Business a Decade & Beyond