Clutter Clearing can be simple & fun!

Ready to have some fun clearing clutter?

We know, we know… “FUN – REALLY?”  Yes, fun! With a simple plan, a support group of people honoring each other, fabulous resources and inspiration along the way; it can be fun to clear out the stuff! You’ll get all of this with our 30 Day Clutter Clear Out Event.

Simple Plan: The invitation is to simply commit to releasing one thing each day for 30 days. It can be anything – a broken toy, old dress, extra gadget, or old pile of paper. We will give you a simple guide to follow or you can choose each day.

Strong Support Group: Join our Facebook Group to connect with the crew and see other’s postings about their journey.

Fabulous Resources: Jump on our website page clearsimple.com/clutterclearout/ for gifts and experts to help make it simple.

Inspiration: Weekly blogs, weekly Q&A and daily postings on Facebook will keep you moving and excited. Marla will also be sharing her journey throughout the month on Facebook Live giving you her best guidance.

See Marla on TV How to Clear the Clutter for some jump start encouragement!

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We can’t wait to hear all your stories, support you and celebrate together! Marla, Kate & Team.

Photo Organizing is fun with the ABC’S System

Are your precious photos stashed in boxes & bins in the basement?

Do you have thousands of pictures on your phone and computer?

Photos can be our most precious possession yet trying to keep them organized can be a nightmare.

We are excited to share our best tips and systems for photo organizing all month long. This blog is all about the Sort Step in S.T.A.C.K.S.© (Sort, Toss, Assign, Keep it Up & Simplify). We are also sharing the fabulous ABC’S system created by Cathi Nelson, President of APPO (Association of Personal Photo Organizers).

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Watch Marla talk through the ABC’s on KUTV Fresh Living!


The first step is to SORT into general categories such as family, friends, major events, or time lines such as increments of 1, 2 or 10 years. This is your general sort and it goes easier if you stick to the categories.

Next take each category and SORT again using the ABC’S© system. SORT the photo’s into the following four categories:

A stands for ALBUM. This is for the photos that you know you want printed for albums or photo books. These are the treasures that you want to look at often and share with your loved ones.

B stands for BOX or BACKUP. These are the pictures you want to keep but don’t need to see regularly. Printed photos can be stored in a photo box. Digital ones can be stored on your computer and in the cloud.

C stands for CAN (Trash Can). These are all the duplicates, the bad shots, and the meaningless shots! You will be amazed how many of these surface when you are going through the piles.

S stands for STORIES. We remember most of our life by events and stories so keeping your photos this way works wonderfully.

Remember – you can get help from a professional organizer.  Go to www.APPO.org to find a trained one in your area. For those of you in Utah, we have two excellent organizers.

1 – Natalie Avery, of 2sparehands, is a member of APPO and can help with all levels of the process.

2 – Donna & Scott Harper, of SharperTransfer, can help you with your photos and your old movies.

Or – Come to our August 19th LIVE workshop to meet the experts and see all our tips in action. you even get to bring 25 treasure photos and have them scanned onsite. clearsimple.com/photoworkshop

We have experienced such fun and freedom having our photos organized and ready for viewing and hope you will too! Marla, Kate & Team


Our GIFTS to you!

A little package with powerful purpose.

The holiday season is in full swing and as much as we wish that everyone could move through this time joyfully and easily, we know it can also be challenging. We are here to help simplify this time with practical & meaningful tips. See below for our GIFT to you – all our top tips for home & holidays!!

Tip for your home: Simplify.

Start SMALL. Choose an easier project like your purse, junk drawer or top of the dresser to begin.

Pick ONE. Choose one tip, one home area or one project for each season of the year and let this be enough. Then enjoy your life and loved ones the rest of the time rather than stressing about the stuff.

Tip for your holidays: Make your own traditions.

It’s your life and your choice. Create your own meaningful traditions based on your family’s current values and desires, not just what has “always been done.” Why not set aside an evening in front of the christmas tree – go around and ask each person in the family what would mean the most to them? Then consciously choose and deepen your traditions.

Here are a few ideas from our lives –

  • Special one-on-one time
  • a sledding or skating outing
  • reading a chosen story before bed
  • giving to a family in need
  • a game night each week
  • choosing a theme for the year
  • making ornaments, cookies or candy
  • caroling with loved ones

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Wishing you a magical and soulful holiday season – Marla, Kate & Team

Get all of our TOP TEN TIPS for Home & Holidays in this eBook.
This is our GIFT to you during the holidays! Feel free to share this with others in your life.

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Is Organizing Overwhelming? See SORT in action!

SEE THE SORT in action – Thanks Ruth Hadlock (a Clear & SIMPLE Certified Organizer™)

You’ve picked the organizing project to do, you have set aside the time and now the overwhelm hits. You look around at all the stuff and feel paralyzed about where to start…We are here to help! Read and watch below as Ruth Hadlock brings the power of SORTING FIRST to life!!


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Click to watch Ruth on TV


We just love when other people share in their own words the steps of The Clear & SIMPLE Systems™. It affirms to us how simple and supportive they truly are. Ruth Hadlock of Streamlined Space, who is also a Clear & SIMPLE Certified Organizer™, explains the power of a simple SORT.

PARALYZED! My clients tell me it’s often overwhelming when they decide they are going to finally organize a junk room/craft room/etc. They are inspired and ready for action but as soon as they walk into that room and look around at all the clutter they are paralyzed – they don’t know where to start and what to do! I’m a certified organizer in the Clear & Simple method, a step by step system called S.T.A.C.K.S. © that takes you through the entire organizing process.  The first step is SORT. I have seen over and over again that by sorting first all the other steps are easier; they actually build on each other.

So we start with setting up for the SORT. Put together 15-20 bankers boxes. You can buy them at Office Depot or Costco [or best price at Wal-mart]. These are great because once you’re done with this project, you fold up the bankers boxes until you’re ready to use them for your next organizing project. [read Clear & SIMPLE’s blog post on bankers boxes to get more]

The goal of SORT is to put like with like according to categories. As you pick up an item, ask “What is it?” and put it in a bankers box with a post it note label. For example, if you were sorting your office, you might have books, office supplies, filing supplies, projects, etc. If you don’t have a box already with that category, then make a new one. 

The benefit of using boxes is you can freeze the process in time. How many of you have tried to organize an area, run out of time, friends are coming over, so you shove it into a closet and shut the door essentially wrecking any organization you just tried to implement!? This way, when you run out of time, simply stack the boxes against a wall and when you have time another day, you can easily pick up where you left off.

The key is to focus only on sorting. You’re not jumping ahead to “Am I going to keep it? ” Where will I put it?” “Does it need a container?”. Those are later steps. Just sort until the room is completely categorized.

Does this take time? YES! But how long has this room of yours been the way it looks now? I promise this method pays off if you follow the system. You will feel the progress!

VIEWER HOMEWORK: Choose a room in your house to sort. Download the Clear & SIMPLE Systems Card for free. Next time, I’ll share the 2nd step “Toss” with you.

Marla, Kate & Team

Would you like to become a professional organizer? Check out our in-depth, 3-tiered training program.


Our Best Organizing Tip – Get a Trusted FRIEND!

Everything is more fun with a trusted friend – especially organizing!

Let’s face it – most things are more fun when done with a friend – shopping, movies, dining, hiking, travel, and hobbies. What is it about organizing that makes us think we have to suffer, have to force ourselves to get it done? It is always on the list but typically the last thing we want to do on the weekend, right? There seems to be shame around letting our friends see our chaos. And yet inviting someone to help is a powerful solution!

This is our best tip for making organizing fun & freeing! Invite a friend to do it with you. Let go of the fear and embarrassment of your friends seeing the chaos and open up to a transformative experience. We have seen hundreds of people be set free when they let themselves receive help from an organizer, a friend or family member.

From Marla – “I just experienced this in a POWERFUL WAY. I got to spend 8 days with a long time friend who had recently lost her husband. Together we got through the garage, project room, closets, finances and more. We told stories, laughed and cried, moved stuff, cleaned and cleared. In 8 days together, we freed her from the blockage and buildup so she could move forward with her life. Because we loved our time so much, we decided to do this every year for each other.  This kind of teamwork is life changing.”

The important elements are:
    • Pick someone safe who won’t judge you.
    • Do the project in small pieces of 2-3 hours
    • Make it fun by playing music or having snacks
    • Try taking turns and helping each other
    • Choose someone that supports you making a change

The last few weeks we have given your our Top Tips for Spring Organizing. By combining these tips with the support of a trusted partner, you WILL experience joy and wonderful results.

Even as professional organizers we often invite other organizers to support us with our projects. It’s very different to work with our own things (vs. someone else’s) since we have to face our own attachments, emotions and stories. Our Utah Professional Organizers Group even chose to buddy up this year for our service project and we were all sold on the power of getting support from a trusted person.

Find a friend and help each other. You deserve it! And don’t forget to use The Clear & SIMPLE Systems of SEE IT. MAP IT. DO IT. & S.T.A.C.K.S. © to help with where to start, what to do and how to keep it up.

Set yourself free! Marla, Kate & Team

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