Find your JOY this Summer.

What is it you most WANT this summer? Do that.

“I am flying through the tops of the trees, held snugly by the padded bench and metal bar of the lift as it takes me up the mountainside. I inhale sweet high mountain air and look in awe at the majesty all around me. Wow, this is summer at it’s best. I am at the Sundance Resort in Utah only 50 minutes from my front door. And yet I have never done this!! Why did it take a dear friend’s visit to get me up here? Why have I never explored it on my own? I am opening to more adventure in my life this summer. And I am amazed at what is right around the corner.” Marla Dee

Jinny Ditzler of Best Year Yet wrote this lovely article titled “Want to Make This Summer the One You Finally Enjoy?” and we just had to share it with you.

…So here we are again in the first days of this blessed season. This year I’m determined to make the most of it. Here are last summer’s unkept promises, but this year these and more will happen because I’m going to stick my neck out and promise to give you a full report after it’s over.

  • Sit in my favorite garden chair and read every day, even if only for a bit.
  • Take a whole day to go for a hike in the mountains.
  • Once a week make a big cup of coffee, go to the park, and gaze at the sky.
  • Invite more people to enjoy simple meals by our pool.

But it’s not easy. Last Tuesday after a long weekend in Aspen to celebrate our 35th anniversary, I awoke filled with energy and happy to tackle my pile of tasks. Later feeling proud after a productive day, I found Tim swimming laps in the pool. I said, Well, somebody has the right idea ~ good for you! ~ but thought to myself, What’s wrong with this picture?

Instead of integrating the relaxation, blessings and love of the weekend into my first day back (as he had done) I spent most of the day at my desk, yet again intent on getting as much done as possible. In spite of the fact that one of my three Best Year Yet Guidelines this year is Enjoy life.

Summer is the most enlivening time, isn’t it? It’s so natural to want to slow down, contemplate, meditate, read, walk ~ and enjoy ourselves.

Let’s make the most of this time of renewal as the benefits are many:

  • Greater sense of inner calm
  • Increased fitness as we go outside and move
  • More clarity as we expand our horizons in these warmer, longer days
  • Time to read, think, learn and inspire
  • Peace that comes from enjoying each moment

Next Steps

  1. Make a list of your summer promises.
  2. Choose someone you’ll be accountable to.
  3. Add one summer enjoyment action to your To Do List every day.


Above all I recommend that if you haven’t ever made a Best Year Yet® plan…

Marla Dee in the mountains of Utah

Marla Dee loving this summer in the mountains of Utah

Visit original blog post.

Love on summer. Love on your life.

Marla, Kate & Team

Six Questions from Six Experts – helping you get unstuck!

Sometimes a simple question brings the answer you need most. Just ask & listen!

Daily life is often overwhelming. There is so much information coming at us all the time. There are decisions to be made and actions to take. Sometimes taking a 10 minute break to breathe, center, ground and tune in is the best thing to do.

We have chosen six potent questions from six wise guides that you can use anytime. They are especially helpful when you are feeling stuck or unsure. These questions apply SEE IT. MAP IT. DO IT. © to whatever is going on right now. You can also use them for big things like getting clear for your whole year!!

Note: we are also sharing who was the source of each question to express gratitude and make it easy for you to get more from them.

1 – What is the change I am ready for? – Marla Dee

Let the answer come in easily and trust your gut. My favorite quote for change – There is no pain in change, there is no pain in growth. There is only pain in resistance to change and resistance to growth. Anonymous

2 – What is the role I need to focus on right now? – Jinny Ditzler

By acknowledging the role that needs your attention, you can release the others and be present. Jinny also teaches that choosing one ROLE to focus on for the whole year is life changing. We agree.

3 – If I had 10 seconds left to live, what would my message be? – Shelly Coray

Shelly is a powerful messenger for clearing up the MESS in your head. This stunning question cuts to the very core and gets rid of all the distractions. Ask this NOW – what would your message be?

4 – When do I feel alive and my best self? – Terry Sidford

Terry believes that following your passion is the key; both in the moment and in your life. This question help you tap into your true life force.

5 – What is my body telling me? – Mary Nickle

Mary is a healer and master of aligning the body with intuition. Mary teaches that your body always tells the truth. The body is wise and has so much to share. Your body is just waiting for you to listen.

6 – What is the next step?- Sylvia Nibley

Clear & SIMPLE, What is the next step?

The invitation to you – choose one (or more) of these questions. Take a time out to center, ask, listen and then write what comes? Please share with us anytime.  We would love to witness you in the moment.

The wise women who shared the questions above can be found here…

Marla Dee – The Clear & SIMPLE Way

Jinny Ditzler – Your Best Year Yet

Shelly Coray – Master Your Mindset

Terry Sidford – Create Your Life Coaching

Mary Nickle – Time Out Associates

Sylvia Nibley – The Inquiry Cards

We hope you find clarity in the moment. We want you to know that your life matters in this world!

Big love,
Marla, Kate & Team

SEE IT – Take a look at where you’ve been | MAP IT – Make a plan for where you want to go | DO IT – take the steps to get there. SEE IT. MAP IT. DO IT. © Clear & SIMPLE, LLC.  All rights reserved