Summer is here. Have a lazy weekend!

Give yourself permission to let it ALL go!

We just love and appreciate our systems that walk us through simply and joyfully getting things done. However, sometimes it is most supportive to just walk away from the lists, the projects, the events, the people, the decisions, ALL of it, and have no plan at all.

Lay around and do nothing. Have a TV marathon. Read an entire book. Take a drive into the mountains. Sit on the porch andClear & SIMPLE, Lazy Weekend, Woman laying in grass take in the loveliness around you. Sleep late. All the while releasing the guilt that typically creeps in and tells us we aren’t doing enough.

Courtney Carver of Be More with Less offers this dialogue to address those icky feelings…

“When guilt creeps in and tells you to do more, take a deep breath and say, ‘Guilt … I appreciate your input, but my heart wants what my heart wants, and it doesn’t want to clean, shop, catch up, or keep up. My heart wants a rest. My heart wants to smile.’ “

Read more in her blog post, Permission for a Guilt-free, Lazy Weekend.

Here’s to doing what makes our heart sing this weekend. – Marla, Kate & Team