Marla on TV showcasing cool containers!

Transform your paper piles with these pretty & practical tools!  See our New Year Favorites

We have put a lot of thought into helping you this year with the chronic clutter areas!  Our tip here is to choose a cool and practical container for the incoming information and paper. If you have piles of paper and written notes covering your kitchen counter or desktop, check out the two containers below.  We hope you will love them and use them as much as we do.

Tip & Tool – Choose ONE NOTEBOOK for all the incoming information, notes, ideas and actions.  Check out our favorite – the ARC Notebook by Staples 

Cool Tool – Make it Pretty, Practical & Portable!  To transform your paper piles check out  The Acrylic Desktop File from the Container Store.

Earlier this month, Marla was invited to Good Things Utah to share all about it, plus some other great paper containers we love! Click on the picture below to watch it.


Clear & SIMPLE, Marla Dee on Good Things Utah

The Pretty, Practical & Portable Paper Container!

Do you have piles of paper on your kitchen counter?  You’ve got to check out this cool container!

Have you noticed just how much we LOVE containers?! Don’t let our enthusiasm make you think you we like all of them equally though. We are a bit particular, as they’ve got to be beautiful, functional and fit our personalities. When it comes to our desktop action system, we have found a new one that we are just thrilled to share with you.

How come we love it so much?

  • It’s Pretty –  add your personal favorite color hanging folders your personality comes shining through
  • It’s Practical – holds up to 15 hanging file folders, plenty for an individual or family
  • It’s Portable – lightweight and has handles so you can move it from your counter, to your table, to your desk

If you feel the same way we do and just have one for yourself, you can Shop The Container Store Here. We’d also love to hear about your favorite desktop file containers. Or if you have questions, please ask in the comment section below.