Get it outta your life!

The final step of R.A.F.T.© is TOSS. It is a simple step, but offers a noticeable difference in your paper load. Once a week, as you process papers from your incoming container, simply toss papers into a recycle container or send through a shredder. Pay attention to what happens as you go through this process.

Common results are…

  • Feeling accomplished clearing out all of that weight.
  • You and your space feeling lighter.
  • It sets a standard in your space that for all the incoming there has to be outgoing as well.


Send it off before it takes up residence!

I’ve found that if I recycle the misc. papers or shred those credit card offers right when they come into the house, they don’t have a chance to overwhelm me. I do a basic process of the mail by separating them out and handling them immediately. The rest of the mail gets put into my incoming container until “processing time” which I do on Monday mornings.


* This post is part of a series, called Paper Flow. Please see posts around it for the full story.

This post relates to TOSS of our S.T.A.C.K.S.™ system.
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