“An intentionally simple & enjoyable reading experience.”

We all know that our world offers a plethora of ways in which information floods into our awareness. Social media feeds are chock-full of posts, events and offerings. Email inboxes are inundated with subscriptions and solicitations (some signed up for by choice, many by spam). Brains and bodies are overwhelmed with energy that has a “Do this/you need this now!” flavor. Yuck!

A group of beautiful souls are giving us a soothing new way. Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist, Brian Gardner of No Sidebar, Tsh Oxenreider of The Art of Simple, and Rebecca Cooper of Simple as That have combined their brilliance and expertise in simplifying life and created the digital publication Simplify Magazine. This mindful offering is solely supported by its readers, which means no icky ads or filler content, just straight forward, valuable wisdom and knowledge.

We have been inspired by the powerful sharing in this online magazine.  We hope you find comfort, ease, relief and hope. You can get the Simplify Magazine now and also check out their Facebook Page.

We hope you embrace a simpler life and way of being in this world.
Marla & Kate